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Vivid Verbs (dressups)

How to use the Quality Adjective Dressup

Benjamin Fugitt

on 12 September 2018

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Transcript of Vivid Verbs (dressups)

Vivid Verbs
and how to use them
in your paragraphs.
(take notes)
Vivid Verbs make your writing more interesting and unique.
A word that shows an action
or a state of being.
Vivid Verb
A verb which is interesting, uncommon and adds something meaningful to your writing
Example of a verb (not vivid):
She WROTE her name on the book.
(WROTE is what she did.)
Example of a Vivid Verb:
her name on the book.
(inscribed means about the same thing as WROTE but it is a more interesting word.)
Where Do You Find
Vivid Verbs?
Look in the Thesaurus:
Look up a word you know to get some ideas about other words that are similar.
Do not use words you do not know the meaning of.
Use your Literature Book:
If you find an interesting VERB in your book, write it down to use later. But remember...
Now let's try it all together.
Write a sentence about a mouse-trap
that uses a non-vivid verb...

Then write a sentence about a mouse-trap that uses a vivid verb.
The trap CAUGHT the mouse.
(how sad... it's not a vivid verb)
The goat SCUTTLED up the mountain to escape the mouse-trap.

(do you know what scuttle means? it means to move quickly with short steps)
Try this on your own.
Use a VIVID VERB in a sentence about each of the following topics:

rotten veggies
yellow fish
penguins on vacation
an insect
When you are writing paragraphs and essays...

If you use a Vivid Verb always write
VV in the margin of the line you used your vivid verb
in. Also, underline your Vivid Verb so we know where
to find it.
Good Job!
Now you know how to use Vivid Verbs to make your writing interesting, exciting, and bearable!

Set up your composition book page:


Vivid Verb Practice
Now that you've finished your practice sentences, write a one page story about your school year so far. Each sentence MUST have a vivid verb. Underline it and write VV in the margin.
Which of these verbs can you use correctly?
Raise your hand when you have a sentence.

The mouse
the cat.

'Ate' is the active verb.
Active verbs are always performed by a noun.
The mouse is performing the action.
Verbs that are found in your Vocab Book are almost always Vivid Verbs.
Now that you know how to use Vivid Verbs, find 20 new VIVID Verbs and use each in a sentence correctly.
Use your literature book to help.
Each vivid verb must start with a different letter of the alphabet.
Underline the vivid verb in your sentence.
Draw pictures to go with 5 of your sentences.

- The king
throne when his brother seized power.

Quick Review
Parts of Speech:
Noun, Adjective, Verb

Write three sentences. Each must have a noun, an adjective, and a verb.
Circle the noun
Underline the verb
Box the adjective
The mouse
at home.

'is' is a passive verb that shows
a state of being. It is NOT an active
verb. The mouse is not DOING anything.
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