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No description

Jack Sapsford

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Bright

Welcome To Bright Victoria

Image Bibliography
Website Bibliography
By Jack Sapsford
Bright High country
Video URL
Clicking on the website and image addresses will cause it to open up in your tabs.
I had to take the Http: out of the URL so it didn't turn into a video.
Where you will find Bright
This is Bright. It's in Victoria
(South-East Australia)
Here it is close up
Bright is 3,755.7Km Away from Busselton
so pack your bags and go East!
Bright is a very very nice place! It's location, Victoria in a big valley. It has Has stunning scenery and lots to do, and i mean LOTS! Fishing, abseiling, mountain-Biking, swimming and much more! Bright has lots of sight seeing and tourist attractions.
I think you will be amazed!
The town Bright was first Known as Morse's Creek named after F.H. Morse. Then it was changed to Bright in 1861 after Jhon Bright (English orator and politician). Miners during the gold rush came to stay at the small town Because it was nearby the Buckland River.
Postcode 3741
Lots to See Lots to Do
There are lots of things to do and see in Bright so you won't be going bored any time soon!
.Snow season
.mountain biking
.Bush camping
.Aquatic Adventures
.Climbing, Caving and Abseiling
.Fossicking and Prospecting
.Short Walks

Top 10 Places to eat
.For wheel Driving
. Horse Riding
. Local Lookouts
.Massage and Beauty places
.Bush Trails and Hiking
. National Parks and wild life
.Air Adventurs

Festivals and Events
There are allot of festivals and events in Bright,
there are lots of different things to try out so check them out.

There are many festivals and events in Bright so you will always have something to calibrate and do with your family.
.Micro Music Festival
.Chiltern visual Arts Exhibition
.Snow Season Opening Weekend
.Dinner Plain Snowexcuse food
and Wine Festival
.Rutherglen Winery Walkabout
.Rutherglen Country Fair
.Christmas in July
.George Briscoe Kerfred Oration
.Dinner Plan Sled Dog Challenge
.Ned Kelly Weekend
.Kelly Country Pick
.Chiltern Antique Fair
.Kangaroo Hoppet Cross Country Ski Race
.Regular Events
.Monthly Listing
.Yackandandah Spring Migration
.Myrtleford Alpine Rally
.Cycle Salute
.Bright Spring Festival
.Bright's Iconic Rod Run
.Beechworth Celtic Festival

Lots of details are in the booklets
There are many religious groups in Bright there for it is open to many people.
.Church of Christ
.Mountain Glory Church
.Mt Hotham Church Sanctuary
.Myrtleford Presbyterian Church
.Myrtleford Uniting Church
.Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Church
.Porepunkah Union Church
.St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church
.St Joseph's Mt Beauty Church
.St Mary's Catholic Church
.Uniting Church Bright Alpine Parish
.Upper Kiewa Valley Uniting Church

Places to Stay
There are lots of luxurious places
to stay in Bright.
Luxury Places to stay
.Birches Luxury Spa Chalet
.The Buckland Studio Retreat
.The Evening Star
.Villa Gusto La Dolce Vita
.Centenary Peaks
.Dreamers Lury Accommodation
.The odd Frog
.Bright Avenue Motor inn
.Buffalo motel and Country Retreat
.Bright Colonial Inn Motel
.Ovens Valley Motor Inn
Bright has good learning facilities and clean schools.
Bright Primary to year12 Collage is a safe and efficient learning community.
Month Ave Max Ave Min Rainfall
January 30 9 76
February 30 10 81
March 26 6 55
April 21 4 67
May 16 2 80
June 13 1 158
July 12 1 158
August 14 3 158
September 17 3 126
October 21 5 125
November 24 6 75
December 27 6 84

It is mostly mostly sun but in winter there it snows in some places, in winter and early spring.
numerous species of kangaroo, including wallaroo, potoroo, pademelon, rufous rat-kangaroo and wallaby
common wombat
possums including the endangered Leabeater's possum
sugar gliders
native hopping mouse
many species of native bats
bush rats and native hopping mice (rodents, not marsupials), of which there are several species.
dingoes (not truly native, not having originated here: they came with the Aborigines thousands of years ago, and for this reason are not necessarily considered to be truly native.)
Monotremes (egg laying mammals) which include the platypus and the short-beaked echidna.
brush turkey
friar bird
little penguin
many varieties of lorikeets, rosellas and parrots, including the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Gang-Gang Cockatoo, corella, mulga parrot and the Galah
Wedge-tailed Eagle
Blue-tongue Lizard
Frill-necked lizard
native geckos
Various venomous snakes, such as the Red Bellied Black, Copperhead, Eastern Tiger and Eastern Brown.
Animals in Victoria
Plants in Victoria
You can apply for many jobs in Bright and some of them are very good.
.School Teacher
.Tour Gide
.Recreational activity
.Cafe owner
.Winery worker
.Clothes shop
.Food shop

.Business owner
.Police man
.Market sailsman

The plants are you average wild flowers and vegetables
Simone's Restaurant
Thirteen Steps
Coral Lee
Bright Brewery
Ginger Baker
Sole e Luna
Black Bird Cafe
Natural and man made Resources

Man Made
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