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Culture of Saudi Arabia

No description

Woo Han

on 21 June 2013

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Transcript of Culture of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia
Eastern Culture
Cultures of

My interviewee is Mustafa.

He comes from eastern region of Saudi Arabia.

So, today I'll talk about limited eastern cultures in Saudi Arabia.
1. What is your religion in Saudi Arabia?

1. How is love relationship between men and women in Saudi Arabia?
1. What is the most important festival in your country?
2. Are there any taboos in your religion?
3. How often do Muslim believers go to the mosque to pray?
Muslim is the biggest and unique religion in SDA.
Eat pork.
Eat gelatin-containing foods.
Drink alcohols.

Show their hair, neck, arm and leg in public places.
Go outside without scafs and veils.
Work in public places.
Five times a day. ( So all the service workers are male. )

All Muslim
2. What is special about the wedding day?
The parents' duty to find a suitable marriage partner for their children.
A big party will be held. Saudi Arabian call it engagement day.
Celebrate the lovely ceremony.
The first meeting for the boy and the girl.
After that day, they can start to make a formal date.
About six months to get along with each other.
Pay at least
eight to ten thousand dollars
and prepare
a new house
for the girl.
Two marriage halls.
One is for all the men and another is for all the women at the same time.
And then, the only bridegroom comes to the women hall.
Finally, in the officiating minister's witness, following the wedding vows, the couple exchange rings. It's very interesting.
2. How do you celebrate the festival?
From dawn until sunset
People has been banned eating, drinking, saying bad words, doing sexual activity and doing all evil habits
except for
patients, pregnant women, breastfeeding women and young children.
Ramadan let people feel the same experience of the poor, thank God for the help and practice self-control.
A Festival of the Fast-Breaking Ceremony
in the mosque.
All Muslim people dressed new clothes.
After praying, every family will
gather to have a family dinner party
let off fireworks
pay respect to their elders
during the Ramadan holiday, they should
kiss their back hand and head
Lucky money maybe
5 to 10 dollars

: )

is the most important traditional festival in Saudi Arabia. The festival last for
a month every year

and all Muslim believers observe this

as a month of fasting
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