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About Petiot Consulting

An intro to us and what we do.

Linda Petiot

on 19 January 2013

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Transcript of About Petiot Consulting

What We Do Petiot Consulting Business Analysis Process Design and
Documentation Understand where you are today Organizational Change Management - Define Changes
- Identify Impacts
- Know the players
- Understand players needs
- Make Connections
- Influence Business Requirements Technical Writing - Policies and procedures
- Manuals
- Quick Reference Materials
- Presentations
- Prezis ;^) Skills in technical writing enhances
the quality of all our work Who We Are Tater Petiot
Breakfast Alarm
Mascot Linda Petiot
Business Analyst
Website Designer
Change Manager
Multi-skilled Consultant Scott Petiot
Project/Program Manager
Petiot Consulting Corporate Secretary Why Work With Us Stakeholder Requirements Functional Requirements We collaborate with you to determine your business goal and how it can be measured We identify the stakeholders and the needs from each one's perspective We'll clearly define the functionality needed to achieve the previous two requirement sets Know where you want to be tomorrow Define the path there We will work with you to develop your AS-IS Process Definitions We will collaborate with all stakeholders to
define what the new processes and procedures need to be We will help you define your Process Objectives so
the team understands the end goals and benefits We are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

You can contact us through: PetiotConsulting.com How to Find Us We communicate in a way that:

- Starts with Listening
- Progresses with Collaboration
- Ends with Understanding We Have Years of Experience in:

- Business Analysis
- Process Design
- Change Management
- IT Development and Support
- IT Audit, ITIL, IT Security
- Project Management We have the ability to play multiple roles:

- Senior Business Analyst
- Management Consultant
- Change Manager
- Technical Writer
- IT Auditor
- Project Manager
- System Design/Architect Requirements Planning
& Management IT Consulting Requirements Elicitation Solution Validation Enterprise Analysis We work in all areas of Business Analysis: Requirements Analysis
& Documentation Requirements Communication We work at all levels of requirements: What We Take Pride In Our ability to
simplify complexity Our ability produce clear, readable documentation Our ability to build relationships with all kinds of people Experience Feeds Understanding Understanding Grows Success.
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