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MIS442 Grameenphone CRM

Assignment on MIS442 on Grameenphone Customer Relationship Management

Hossain Shahriar

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of MIS442 Grameenphone CRM

MIS442 - Grameenphone CRM Introduction & Company Profile License Received: 1996
Operation Started: 26th March 1997
Largest Mobile Operator in Bangladesh
More than 23 million Customer Based
Market Share 44
Largest Network Coverage
What is Grameenphone CRM? Existing system
Not Integrated properly
Time consuming for operation
Data base dependency
Core benefit of CRM
Reducing operational execution time
Common platform for service request & solution of subscribers
360 degree view
CRM in GP Contact Center Task Performed by CRM
VAS, Service Activation, Deactivation
Subscriber asset (product,MCA)
Balance information
Service history
Who developed the system for GP? System Support Performance Before Scattered Tools
Time Consuming
Hard to Track
After One touch Access
Time Saving
One Stop Tracking

Problems in terms of Operations Difficulty for employees to cope up with new system
Training sessions in simulation, not real-time
SIEBEL CRM takes longer time to delivering the service
Customer and Employee dissatisfaction
Adaptation of single interface system by the whole organization
Problems in terms of Maintenance Physical Memory Inadequacy
Small and Medium Hardware failure
Problems in terms of Backup Problems occur updating and backing up some customer data in the new system
Agents have to re-open the contact information from the traditional system
Backup information is highly confidential and restricted
GP CRM - Capital or Revenue related Investment? High investments to implement the CRM
Generates revenue and provide better business insight into customer communication
Generate high ROI (future benefits)
But not very attractive from Cost-Benefit perspective
High installation and training costs
High strategic value with a high effect on their corporate performance
But difficult to quantify benefits in terms of numbers
Benefits will materialize if they can serve the customers better

So, its a Revenue Related Investment Nazia Sultana
Ahmad Tareq
Fazle Sobhan
Dalia Mahbub
Hossain Shahriar Problems in terms of Security Changing Password every month
Tracking of agent activity and data entry made by agents
Agents have to clarify their position and reasoning for making an undefined entry
Recommendations, Suggestions & Future Prospects Executive Sponsorship
Fit on demand into your overall IT strategy
Integrate with other data
CRM Support Team
Focus on End User Edge Creation Service Thank You!!!

Any Questions? Any Questions?
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