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Whats the secret code?

No description

Francis Lim

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of Whats the secret code?

What's the secret code?
Clue number 1
The number is between 8,500 and 8,800 so there is three hundred numbers.
Therefore the number in the thousands place starts with an eight.

Clue number 3
Question number 3
There are no zeros in the decimal places.This means there are also decimal places to worry about.
Question number 4
The tens place is equivalent to the ones place and the hundreds place is three times the tens place. The answer for the new clue is 8,622.125.
By : Carter, Hannah, Francis, and Mark.
When multiplied by 8, the result is a whole number.
In order for a decimal to be a whole number, there has to be a zero in the decimal.
We need to create a zero by multiplying 8x5 to create 40. We can start with 8 x 0.5, 8x 0.25, or 8 x0.125.
Clue number 4
Clue number 2
The digit in the hundreds place is 3/4 the digit in the thousands place,
The digit in the thousands place is 8, and 3/4 of 8 is 6. So, the first two digits are 8 and 6.
Clue number 5
The digit in the hundredths place is 200% of the digit in the tenths place.
This means that the digit in the hundredths place is 2 times of the tenths place.
Clue number 6
The sum of all the digits in the number is 26.
Question number 2
What code numbers fit these clues?
We knew that 300 numbers were in between 8,500 and 8,800. We had to find numbers or decimal numbers that when multiplied, the product was a whole number. Then we took 8 and found that 3/4 of it was 6. Since the total number had to equal 26 and the digit in the hundredths place is 2 times the digit in the tenths place, so the decimal place is 0.125. After we found most of the numbers and added them. The sum was 22. Then we subtracted 26 from 22 to get 4. So then we knew that the tens and ones place had to equal 4 when added. We found 5 answers: 8,640.125; 8,604.125; 8,613.125; 8,631.125; 8,622.125.
Explain how you used all of these clues to find these possibilities
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