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Aztec, Inca Maya

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Jessica Preder

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of Aztec, Inca Maya

South American
Native Americans Government The Aztecs The Inca The Maya Empire Religion Achievements Daily Life Men were superior to women in all aspects of Society. Most Aztec Children worked, only boys were allowed to go to school where they learned about religion and warfare. Their main food was corn, meat was very scarce. Social Structure Religion Empire Government The Inca had a rigid social class system.
1. The Emperor
2. His Family
3. The head of each clan
4. Commoners
The Inca did not believe in slavery. Achievements Daily Life Government Religion Empire Social Structure Achievements The Aztecs worshipped a Sun God. He provided them with all of their needs. However, they believed that the Sun God needed to be strengthened with human hearts, so human Sacrifice was a key component of Aztec religion. Once, 20,000 people were sacrificed to dedicate a single temple! Watch the video below for more information on Aztec human sacrifice! http://www.history.com/videos/aztec-sacrifice#aztec-sacrifice The Aztec built a small empire, but it was mostly to collect taxes (which were paid in food) and victims for human sacrifices. The Aztecs were governed by an emperor. he had to consult with a counsel of Nobles. For most crimes, you were sentenced to become a human sacrifice. For minor offenses, you would have body parts removed! The Aztecs had 4 classes of people:
1. Nobles
2. Commoners (merchants and artisans)
3. Farmers
4. Slaves
Every male was expected to fight. You could raise your social status by capturing lots of prisoners during war! The Aztecs built spectacular cities, complete with floating gardens for farming. They are credited with the discovery of chocolate and popcorn! Mayan religion was based in nature. They worshiped 160 Gods and Goddesses, mostly represented as snakes. Mayan Religious ceremonies included dancing, athletic competition, animal and food sacrifices, and dramatic performances. The Mayans did not build an extensive empire. They did not actively attempt to capture other people and land. There was no central Mayan government. Each city had its own laws and ruler. The Mayans had a very strict social class system. You were born into your class, and could not change it.
-At the top...The royal family, nobles, and scribes
-In the middle...Merchants, artisans, and farmers
-At the bottom...people who owned no land and slaves Daily Life The Mayans were incredibly active. When they weren't tending to crops, they were making beautiful pottery and art. Another highlight was the ball game. A game would take place between cities, and often the losing team was killed as sacrifice to the Gods! The Mayans were incredibly technically advanced. Check out the video below to see the major Mayan achievements! http://www.history.com/videos/the-mayans#the-mayans Social Structure The Incas built a large empire, but they treated conquered people very well. They did not rule by force. People were happy under Inca rule. In the Inca society, the Emperor was all powerful. Government had total control over the daily lives of citizens. The government provided food for everyone, and built roads and bridges throughout the empire. However, without the emperor, the government could not function. This is why the Inca were easily conquered. Men and women were equals in Inca society. Everyone was required to give 2/3 of their chosen product to the government, whether it was food, cloth or pottery. This meant the government could distribute it and everyone was taken care of well. The Inca were very talented builders and engineers. They had elaborate aqueducts to carry water and suspension bridges. Take a virtual tour of their most famous city, Machu Picchu by clicking on the link below! http://www.peru-machu-picchu.com/index.php Priests were very important to the Inca. They often "read" oracle bones to make important decisions about things like planting or going to war. The Inca also practiced mummification, and thought that mountain peaks were sacred. They also worshiped many Gods and Goddesses that were represented by animals.
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