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The Speckled Band

No description

Casey O'Brien

on 1 September 2014

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Transcript of The Speckled Band

The Speckled Band
Clue 1- Learned of a whistle and a metal sound reoccurring in Julia's room from Miss Stoner
Clues and Questions
Retracing our steps
Setting 1
Residence of Holmes and Watson
April of 83’ 7:25 am;

Introduction of Helen Stoner; arrives in distress and asks for Holmes’ help in finding out the strange noises she hears in her recently passed sister, Julia’s room.


Revolver- A handgun with a revolving chamber to hold multiple cartridges that can be discharged without reloading.

Swamp Adder- India's deadliest snake.

Why do you think Dr. Roylott had an obsession and owned India animals? (Baboon, Cheetah and Swamp Adder)

Why does Dr. Roylott try to have the swamp adder go into Helen's room?
Setting 2: Day time April 83’ train

pg 149 pp 3

Holmes’ & Watson go from Waterloo to Leatherhead by train to research the residence of Dr. Grimesby Roylott, Helen’s stepfather, for the cause of the mysterious sounds.

History and Terms
Dog cart; a two wheeled horse-drawn cart. Non-paved roads and horse drawn carriages are rarely seen now due to industrialization
Home remedies& no medical access-
Miss Stoner recalls the Dr. pouring brandy down her throat and calls for medical aid from the village
Setting 4: Holmes & Watson return to Roylott Manor after steak out at Crown Inn

Helen signaled Holmes and Watson after Dr. Roylott retired to his room. While in Helen's room, Watson & Holems await armed just until the light flickers in Dr. Roylott's room. Holmes attacks the bell pull when he hears a hiss and the bell pull move.
An ear piercing cry is heard. Holmes and Watson rush into Roylott's room to find him dead wearing a head dress (speckled band!) with a swamp adder.
Setting 3: Holmes & Watson in Leatherhead, Roylott Manor
Blacksmith- a person who forges objects out of iron
Parapet- low protective wall
What do you think
the speckled band is?

What could be the cause of the metal and whistle sounds?
Miss Helen Stoner has Holmes and Watson observe her "new room" and the property
Julia's old room became Helen's new room.

A plan is put in place for Helen to signal Holmes and Watson from the Crown Inn after Dr. Roylott has retired to his room and gone to sleep.
Bell pull - The bell pull was invented in 1744.

The bell is connected to the servant's room to allow someone's servant to be woke up during the night if necessary.
Clue 3- page 151, paragraph 12.
The bell pull in Helen's bedroom.
It supposedly rang a bell in the servants room, until Holmes discovered it wasn't hooked up to anything.

Clue 4- page 151, paragraph 14.
Holmes discovered a ventilator leading to Dr. Roylott's room.
Ventilators are usually connect to the outside for fresh air

Clue 5- page 151, paragraph 26.
The saucer of milk in Dr. Roylott's room.
Dr. Roylott had a cheetah which had no use for a saucer of milk.

Clue 6- page 152, paragraph 3.
Tied dog lash in Roylott's room.
Dog lash's were not usually tied in this way.

Clue 7- page 154, paragraph 1.
The bed in Miss Stoner's room was bolted to the floor to keep it next to the ventilator.

What do the clues make you think of Helen's concerns?
Why do you believe the bed was bolted to the floor?
Why do you think Helen really moved into her sisters room?
Helen and Julia's mother met and married Roylott and at the time of her death gave her money to Dr. Roylott on the condition that an annual sum no less than 1000 pounds be given to each Julia and Helen in event of marriage. Due to this provision, Roylott with a crumbling household and life, killed Julia the night before her wedding with the swamp adder, explaining her declaration of a speckled band! Dr. Roylott learned of Helen's marriage and attempted to kill her before to keep their mother's money. Holmes and Watson saved Helen Stoner's life!
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