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how do cats always land on all four

No description

Karen Callis

on 10 November 2015

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Transcript of how do cats always land on all four

By Brielle,How do cats always land on all four feet?
What are the most common big cats?
This teckniqe does not always work,though.
Love leaning!
Cats are interesting and fun to learn about.This is when learning and loving animals may come in handy!
How do cats land on all four feet?
cats use a teckniqe called the righting reflex.The righting reflex allows cats to determine up from down quickly during a fall.This teckniqe also allows cats to manuver their bodys into position so that by the time they reach the ground,they are on their feet.
How many different colors can an american short hairs fur be?
American short hairs can have many different colors of fur ,but what is the most comon color?The most common american short hair pattern is the silver tabby!
There are many big cats.
The most common big cats are lions,jaguars,cheatahs,tigers,panthers,leopards,and snow leopards.
calicos are a type of american short hair cat.
Fun fact
American short hairs can have a tiger-like pattern,only the stripes are white stripes instead of black.
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