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Graphic Design

No description

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Graphic Design

Graphic Design
What is a Graphic Designer?
A person who assembles images, typography, or uses motion graphics to create a design piece for publishing, prints, or electronic media such as brochures and advertising.
The main goal of a graphic designer is to convey a message that causes the viewer to take action. Designers work with painted, drawn, photographed or digital images, they create, choose and organize these elements to communicate ideas/messages.
Why I chose graphic design?
I've always known that my career path would involve art. After taking various art classes I realized that I have a passion and interest in graphic design. I love working with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Graphic Design would be a job that I would love to have.
A good designer should have at least a BFA (Bachelors of Fine Art's) in a Graphic Design program
Must have flexibility, customer-focus, creativity, acute vision, ability to handle rejection and commitment to their work.
Good business and sales skills
Great portfolio to showcase their work
Experience ( Photoshop, illustrator, work with clients).
What I learned..
Graphic Designers are always busy with phone calls, meetings, emails, billings and organizing their work/schedule.
It's important to find a great job but to also make sure that the location is great.
A starting salary will be around $48,000 to $80,000 annually (depending on experience).
5 KEY terms to know
1) Raster images and Vector Images: images made up of pixels or points
2) CMYK and RGB (cyan, magenta, yellow, key and red, green and blue): standard colour mode for documents
3)DPI and PPI (dots per inch and pixels per inch): determines the resolution of the picture and quality
4)Typography: arrangement of words
5) Grids: grids are used to organize content
Types of Jobs

Web designer/ Digital designer
Multimedia Artists and Designers
T-shirt Designers
Art Director
Editorial Designer
Advertising Designer
Packaging Designer
Different types of design...
Evening With the Arts
For the Evening with the Arts show I designed the flyer/poster. It definitely opened my eyes to the amount of hours and commitment you have to put into designing. But, it was a great experience.
Ai Visit
Took several visits to the Art Institute and loved it. It was one of my top college choices. I got a chance to view the school,talk to some artists there and have a great time.
Types of businesses that want/need graphic designers..
All companies that would like to market and create demand for their goods and services
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