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The Man Who Shot Snapping Turtles

No description

ceirra pipher

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of The Man Who Shot Snapping Turtles

The Man Who Shot Snapping Turtles
By: Edmund Wilson

About Edmund
Born: May 8, 1895 in Red Bank NJ
Died: June 12, 1972
Nickname: Bunny
Mother suddenly went deaf
Father was considered by Woodrow Wilson
Time Period:
During the Cold War Wilson refused to pay his income taxes and received jail time!
Lived through 1920's prohibition era
Women's right to vote
Hitler's Mein Kampf was published
Lives through Great Depression
Amelia Earhart flys solo across Atlantic Ocean
Communism scare
African American Rights/ segragation

Literary Period
American Literature
Asa Stryker
- Main Character
Hates the snapping turtles who eat his precious ducks so he tries different ways to kill the turtles. He makes a canning industry out of them and is murdered by his Business partner.

Clarence Latouche
- The business partner who convinces Asa to start the industry, paranoid, has a drinking problem. Kills Asa, flees to California and drinks himself to death.

for a position in the supreme court!
Went to Princeton University
Wrote for Vanity Fair
Considered a "great critic"
Didn't understand Robert Frost
Made 75$ a week at Vanity Fair (Magazine)
Traveled to the soviet Union in 1935
Inspired "To the Finland Station" about communism
He also didn't understand Communism

It should belong to this period because the whole story revolves around the main character killing and exploiting snapping turtles which are killing his ducks. In other words he becomes what the turtles are an ultimately gets killed.
Is it a Must Read?
Man v.s. Nature
Asa can't kill the
turtles quick enough
"Becomes the Turtle"

"These turtles he fought in a curious fashion. He would stand on the bank with a rifle and pot them when they stuck up their heads, sometimes hitting a duck by mistake."
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