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3DOTs Company

Bahrain, Al Iman School Injaz Company 3DOTs (Dynamic Organized Team) Presentation by: Rawan.MJ

3DOTs Company

on 3 August 2015

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Transcript of 3DOTs Company

Public Relations Department Performance
Finance Department Performance
Production Department Performance
Marketing Department Performance
Human Resources Department
We created the required awareness in the market about the company and the product through various social media applications.
We managed to find the best places to market and sell our organizer such as AlBasta Market and Made in Bahrain Exhibition.
We signed a contract with a professional video maker and a photographer.

We made a time record undertaking a successful capitalization process.
We kept the records of the shareholders accurate, detailed and well organized.
We monitored the sales process and achieved sales revenue of BHD 2,710 from 271 quantity sold which resulted a net income of BHD 952
The price of the share increased from BHD 0.500 to BHD 2.880
We properly selected a quality tailoring workshop.
We conducted a quality control check on each quantity received to ensure perfection of the product.
We designed elegant packing to make the product attractive.
We held the job interviews and assigned the recruited employees to their departments.
We maintained accurate attendance records and handled employees' salaries.
Employees were encouraged and motivated as a result of the given rewards.
We arranged for a training program at KFH Bahrain for the management team.
Management Meeting

27 of April 2015
2- Performance highlights by department
Production Department by
Public Relations Department by
Marketing Department by
Finance Department by
Human Resources Department by

The president
Meeting agenda:
Fatima AlZayani
Shaikha AlAnsari AlKhazriji
VP Production
VP Public Relations
Nour AlDosseri
VP Marketing
Hala AlGhatam
VP Finance
Haneen Shanaa
VP Human Resources
Maryam AlBinali
In conclusion, in order to accomplish our future plans (which include using recycled fabrics, customizing the product and being well-known regionally and internationally), we all need to remain committed to be a
eam to continue our success story in the future.
We conducted a market research and survey among 99 people through
Survey Monkey Site.
And here are the results of that survey :
Thank you
1- Thank you note & the overall business
performance by
Our Product
An organizer with three pockets and a wooden hanger.
It can be used while traveling abroad and while you are in town.
It saves time and effort as it keeps your personal belongings well organized.
The usage of safe fabrics and wooden hangers made our organizer an environmentally friendly product.
the intensive sales efforts made by our sales team resulted in selling 271 organizers.
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