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WeShareTalent BZW Studieclub


Frank Paridaens

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of WeShareTalent BZW Studieclub

Inspiration Technology Broadband Economics People Come together, take actions,
start creating, work in teams,
take hurdles, overcome
disappointments and having FUN Background and
starting points? THE B2B
Social Network THE B2B SN, what
is that ?!? and how does
it work ? The combination of Facebook
and marktplaats.nl ! WeShareTalent
Current Status exclusively for employees from
member organizations exclusively for
knowledge and talents Innovation? Elements in the network Organizations People (talents) WeShareTalent enables and stimulates surprising and innovative connections between participating organizations by supporting them BZW Studieclub
19 december 2012
Frank Paridaens Social Media Mobile Emerging markets Financial crisis Aging population War for talent Right time? Right place? Right energy? Right people? Wiki says:
"From Latin derived "to renew or change"
"Creation of better or more effective products, processes, technologies, or ideas that are accepted by markets, governments, and society" It's time to share Organizations Pilot achievements,
... so far! www.wesharetalent.com Platform with over 200 items, 100 ShareTimes, 800 users
LIVE! event in June with 300+ participants
Ambassador network with over 40 ambassadors
Personal intro with 1000+ people in 400+ organizations
Pilot group with over 220+ organizations participating
First dozens matches realized and millions :-) to come
First couple ShareTimes executed and many to follow (Net)working new style! ShareTimes Unique, one day learn, exchange, good practice, interact, build, inspire, renew, challenge, network, ..., format. In good English a "kijkje in de keuken"
Fixed agenda, open subscription to a broad range of themes and sectors

Not a normal "out of the office" day of training, exhibition, convention, round table, etc To share, or not to share ... ... see you in person or on www.wesharetalent.com :-) Mark Zuckerberg Harvard University Facemash Connectors, mavens, salesmen "three rules of epidemics" Globalisering social networks, corporations
similar to living organisms Generatie Y Organisatie X Babyboomers ? WZGD! We are a social experiment! Offices? Investors? Hierarchy? Secretaries? X X x x Cloud based systems
Team working everywhere
Diversity in ambassadors
All with extensive networks Events&meetings, offline
Round Tables
On requests Marketplace, online
Vraag en aanbod
From stretch assignement to extended matching PEOPLE? Eager to learn, from and with each other
Seeking for inspiration and new insights
Passionate about their profession, subject, theme
Professionals, management and executives
The innovators and early adapters NOT for Z(Z)P-ers, consultants, freelancers and commercial services companies!!! x!!! Stretch
Assignment Possibility to execute a short term (5-10 day) assignment in an other/similar organization/sector
Focused on a specific subject and /or learning assignment
Next step in informal learning possibilities encouraged by the innovative corporates
As well out- as ingoing!! ANYQ&A
THX On requests Very different and non predefined formats
Varying from one to one, until group meetings
Varying from one to one, until many tot many organizations
Within or outside sectors, discipline To share, or not to share? http://www.youtube.com/user/WeShareTalent?feature=g-high-u Most up to date overview on https://wesharetalent.com/netwerk More youtube Sign in on WWW https://wesharetalent.com https://wesharetalent.com/vraagenaanbod 06 27011165 or frank.paridaens@wesharetalent.com https://wesharetalent.com/evenementen
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