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CRM Case study

No description

Aya Ibrahim

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of CRM Case study

About Mercedes-Benz
Mercedes-Benz has been manufacturing Luxury cars in Egypt since 1998.

Number of employees: 100

Vehicles are imported from and locally assembled in a factory.

Cars are sold through 3 independently managed car dealerships.
2 hours
to finish writing a purchase order and fax it to the finance team for authorization.
Finance team
Spent hours searching
for documents on dealers' previous transactions to calculate their credit ratings to make sure they are not exceeded.
The finance team created an individual invoice for each vehicle.
It took accountants 30 minutes to write a single invoice
, so the paperwork for multiple cars took hours.
To check stock levels or car locations Mercedes had to phone the factory and
it took 6 hours to get a response
Process for order and delivery
was insufficient and
time consuming
Integrating both ERP and CRM systems used in collaboration with Microsoft Gold partner Link Development
Purchase orders are created in less than
10 minutes
instead of two hours.

Invoice creation is simplified.

Order fulfillment is
85 per cent faster

Inventory reporting time is reduced from six hours to
10 minutes
A Central database is now available
Accessible through both CRM and ERP systems
Includes all information dealers and the financial team might need.
Dealers complete POs electronically through the CRM system, submit and send them to the finance team in minutes.
All Pending POs appear on the ERP system where the finance team easily compares POs against dealers' credit limit
When POs are accepted invoices are printed automatically and an order to ship vehicles is sent
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