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Razones y proporciones

Lección de Razones y proporciones

Jose Miguel Alayo Berrios

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Razones y proporciones

Case Study Razón Razón Geométrica Es la comparación de dos cantidades. Matrix Partners preso! Harvard Business Review How to lower the cost of enterprise sales? Rene Birthday Razón y proporción es el zoom de una cámara normal 10x S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ a s e m e d Step Two Step One Traditional Funnel is build around outdated selling process based on activity Build Around the Buyers Journey? Revenue At a M&S OpEx New Deals ('11) $18,836k ($9,008k) 382 Quarterly BCOV Result ($4,319) Recuerda: LET"S GOOGLE IT! Losses are sustained at bigger volume of clients Result 4,679 clients Large Scale! Manchester United vs Chelsea En los deportes En la tecnología En las estadísticas Field Sales Team transposed on a traditional 'funnel' view Leads Leads Leads Leads Leads Leads Leads Traditional Enterprise Sales Marketing Inside Sales Build Awareness Leads Opportunities Contracts Revenues Customer Success SalesOps Expanding with SaaS Model Year one Year two Year three Year four Year five Year six Customer Success Customer Success Likes it Buys it Uses it Uses more of it Buyer hear about it Step Three Remove Sales Funnel Likes it Buys it Uses it Uses more of it Buyer looks for it Finds out
about it browsing the internet
passionate people (TED)
trusted advisors
sales superstars ? Tools Content Organization Methodology Hire, Train, Compensate and
organize in a flat Structure Trust, Provoke & Consult Leverage Social Media Make it Engaging & Fresh Change the we sell! In the Enterprise way How Sales Superstar social media peer
reference SEO Proporciones Proporción geométrica Es la igualdad de dos o más razones. Skills Expert in Engaging, Story Telling & Online Selling Una de cada cien personas ingresa a alguna universidad. Help me! Jive Spend on M&S Revenues Clients 2010 2011 $65M $46M 676 560 $45M $29M Diff $19M 77 $16M Year 1 cost of sales! 85% Step Four Rewire your brain to not fight the cloud but to use it! We focus traditional enterprise sales here While success takes place here Why What How 8 de cada
10 adolescentes juegan
videojuegos Las apuestas a favor del Manchester es de 3 a 1 Razón Aritmética 10 - 4 10 8 1 5
5 4 5 25 Proporción aritmética 10 - 5 = 15 - 10 20 - 15 = 15 - 10 4 = 12 8 24 1 = 8 8 64 (discreta) (continua) (discreta) (continua) 14 - 15 16 - 8 20 - 12
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