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Dance and Theater

No description

Kristina Young

on 23 October 2017

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Transcript of Dance and Theater

Tap Dancer
Gregory Hines
Paying Tribute to Sammy Davis Jr.
Percussive Dance from the UK/now international
Puttin' on the Ritz
Sincerity, Homage, Reprise
Bob Fosse's Tap Style
Gene Kelly
Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly
Percussive Dance:
This is a series of videos and links that highlight ideas and themes about dance, percussive dance, but more importantly the interconnectedness of dance and its dancers.
Savion Glover
Dance and Theater
For videos with dialog--go directly to the YouTube site, and look for transcripts below the video screen. If no transcript available, click CC for closed captioning. Videos may also be linked in the Canvas Module.
Tap History
Bring in 'da Noise..
Tap Dancer Defies Stereotypes on Broadway
Savion Glover: "Bojangles" w/Gregory Hines
Skip ahead if you must, but watch the last few minutes, too!
Rhythm is My Business
"White Nights" with Mikail Baryshikov
From "Young Frankenstein"
From "Taco/MTV"
From the Master: Fred Astaire
(Look in at 5:40 for a focus)
"Smooth Criminal" Mash up
Sing, Sing, Sing
Hugh Jackman on Gene Kelly
Christopher Walken on Gene Kelly
Gene Kelly and the Newspaper
The Nicholas Brothers, Michael Jackson, and the Origins of the Moonwalk
Nicholas Brothers with Cab Calloway
Nicholas Brothers with Michael Jackson and the Jacksons
and the origins of the MoonWalk
Bill "Bojangles"Robinson
Sand Dance from Stormy Weather
King for a Day
More about the Nicholas Brothers
Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey
Stomp Live!: Brooms
Stomp Live: Dance and Fight
Mr. Bojangles, the song
(Not about Bill Bojangles Robinson--but often associated)
Sammy Davis Jr. as a kid
A Quadruple+ Threat
Jose Greco
Blood Wedding finale
Maori Haka
Bojangles and Shirely Temple
Percussive Dance
New Zealand/Oceana
Spain/Moorish and Romani influences
Irish/Celtic dance
About Baryshnikov
The point of ballet is NOT to make noise...
Christopher Walken establishing authority
The Moonwalk
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