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Betrayal in the Kite Runner

a prezi about what betrayal truly means and examples of this betrayal in the kite runner

John McElderry

on 7 December 2010

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Transcript of Betrayal in the Kite Runner

Betrayal According to Dictionary.com:
"to be unfaithful in guarding, maintaining, or fulfilling: to betray a trust."

"to disappoint the hopes or expectations of, be disloyal to: to betray one's friends." My definition:
To fail to meet the expectations of a
relationship for one's personal gain As best seen during: Hassan's Rape Sanaubar Leaving Amir framing Hassan Amir had a duty to Hassan, his best friend and his half-brother

As soon as he found Hassan, it became his duty to protect him as best he could Amir wanted the blue kite to gain favor with his father

Amir wanted Hassan to be raped in order to make him appear weak to Baba Amir tries to convince himself that he's just too afraid

In his heart, he knows he wants Hassan to be raped Sanaubar had a duty both to Ali and Hassan to act as a mother

Sanaubar betrayed both by not only commiting adultery, but by leaving Hassan and making him motherless; Hassan never knew the love of a mother figure

Sanaubar left because she did not love Ali. Regardless, she had a duty to raise Hassan, more so than Ali did, and yet she did not. Hassan searches to fill this gap in his life with Amir
Hassan is devoted to Amir
Amir reads to and "teaches" Hassan Hassan was more alienated than ever after the rape
Amir had already betrayed Hassan before
Instead of fulfilling his duty to comfort Hassan, Amir further alienated him Amir further satisfied his own jealousy of Hassan's
relationship to Baba by framing him as a thief

Even throughout all of Amir's betrayals Hassan remains loyal. He does not expose Amir of
framing him and does not fight back against Amir pelting him with fruit. Baba neglecting Amir Baba, as Amir's father, is supposed to love Amir no matter what he may like or choose to pursue

Instead, Baba wants to use his son for his own purposes.
He wants Amir to be just like him and carry on his life, not have Amir lead a unique one.

When it's clear that Amir it nothing Baba, Baba neglects him. Rahim Khan is much more of a father figure than Amir's own father. Betrayal is not a concrete idea, it is how others perceive actions You've heard my thoughts; what do you think about these topics.

Is it betrayal or not? Why? Hassan's Rape Sanaubar abandoning Hassan and Ali Amir framing Hassan Baba neglecting Amir What is the message of The Kite Runner on betrayal?
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