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A successful woman

No description

Angelica Velez

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of A successful woman

A successful woman
It will take me all my life to become a better person buy I am definitely
pulling through

Success in my professional life
I would not be a smart student as a teenage girl. I was not good at mathematics or English. I was about to quit middle school. I
could have had an early start
in English but my parents did not have the money. So, I decided to work to get the money and start an English career more as a challenge than having a professional life. I encountered many obstacles, mainly my family, since they would think that I was going to drop the career or end up giving up. Now thanks to God I have around 13 years of experience teaching English. And I love it!

Success in my personal life
As a kid I had a very difficult childhood, I faced many problems, like violence, poverty, lack of communication with my family, etc. As an adult I have also faced lots of difficulties like broken hearts, money problems, broken bonds with friends, etc. However
if I had not faced
all these I
might not have the confidence
I have now, since I value life differently.

I think I became a constant, responsible, mature, woman. Today I value friendship a lot and my circle of good friends is bigger. I am closer to my family than ever. I consider myself a confident woman in matters of relationships and work areas. I try to enjoy life as it comes on a daily basis.
What´s success to me?
That´s a good question!
Respect others, do no make their lives miserable, make others happy because "there´s more joy in giving than receiving"
A success story
I consider myself a successful person in many areas of my life.
Success do not come overnight
so it has been trough the years and through
tough times
to be who I am now. Success to me means to have communion with God because this brings me peace, allows me doing fulfilling work, enjoy life and build up strong relationships with people.
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