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Pearls Boutique Open your eyes- see the world in a different light

Do you want to look absolutely dazzling? Do you want to have this image at an affordable price? But with a healthy and safe product? Pearls boutique has the answer! As a company all we want to do is make the women in this world feel confident and to m

Chloe Bell

on 19 July 2010

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Transcript of Pearls Boutique Open your eyes- see the world in a different light

Pearls Boutique
Open your eyes- see the world from a different light! Do you want to look dazzling? Do you want to look "Dazzling" at an affordable price? With a safe and healthy product? Pearls Boutique has the answer! Pearls Boutique offers a wide range of beauty products
that will help you in gaining that natural dazzling look! Eye shadows
The eye shadows are in all different colours to suite your skin tones! Eye lashes
Our long lasting flawless mascara helps your eye lashes grow to a beautiful length! YES , they actually make them grow!
Achieve that blushing look by using this product.
Making your cheek bones flawless making you look like a model Lips
This lip gloss blumps and shapes your lips for an irresistable kissable affect! Eyebrows-
A special eyebrow pencil to make your eyebrow look beautiful and grow to a better shape!
No need for no more waxing! Own this collection for only £29.99! Foundation
This smooth creamy foundation has a sheer coverage making your skin look and feel dazzling! Our complimentry brushes come with every product.
Made with soft hairs, creating an even finish! Investing in Pearls Boutique
15 % of our yearly income A say in our new products and prices And a chance to make the women of the world burst with happiness and confidence The product will be sold in many places all over the world United kingdom France China Spain USA Australia Russia Poland Italy Greece Our product has all ready been introduced in many different event and 9/10 women exchanged there normal mish mash of products for pearls Boutique You may worry that this is all too out of your budget.... But we are happy to compramise and come to agreements! Thanks For Listening Any Questions?
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