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Entrepreneurial Management Presentation by David Kachoui and Karina Garcia

Karina Garcia

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Pricing

Pricing NewXape -
a new kind of desktop experience Current Desktop Experience But what if... personalized
all about you Pricing Geniuses
Kurt Deschermeier & Karina Garcia static
not about you Marketing Markets Positioning Distribution BtoC Pricing Promotion Experience your very own individuality! BtoB
Entertainment Companies
(source of initial designers)
PC Manufacturers
(to preload software and demos)
Freelance/Entrepreneurial Designers
High School Students: 17MM*
College Students: 17MM*
Avid - Heavy Video Gamers: 42MM Proprietary Marketplace
(a la the Apple App Store)
PC Manufacturers BtoB
Identify Loss Leaders
(to comp design kit to create network effects)
Direct Sales!!!
Social Media
Brand/Promo Tie-Ins
Online Advertising
World Download Fee: $10?
World Annual Subscription Fee: ?
World Advertising Royalties: $4.624 (per pro forma)

Let's dive into this a bit more...

*Source: 2000 US Census Thank You.

Any questions? Did the founder hit the
sweet spot with initial
BtoC pricing estimates? What is NewXape?
NewXape offers high schoolers, college students, and gamers the next generation of file management applications that are more similar to video games than current file managers. This makes navigating folders and saving and opening documents as interactive as navigating through an interactive themed world. Appendix Pay As You Go Model Subscription Model - h
g insert chart here insert chart here comparison slide Assumptions target universe: 10mm high school students with laptops/desktops
10% awareness rate YOY in Years 1-2 that leads to purchase intention
stated purchase intention is equal to number of customers; potential customers not discounted Methodology WTP survey
sent to founder's high school sister (age 14) who forwarded to fellow classmates and friends
sample: 52 people ages 14-20 Limitations not a random sample
heavily skewed female
singular region; not indicative of other geo-related trends
asked only about one price point of $10 insert graph Final Recommendations
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