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Among the Impostors (Mrs. Villano book project)

A prezi for a book project.

Erika Cochran

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of Among the Impostors (Mrs. Villano book project)

Among The Impostors
By Mrgaret Peterson Haddix Prezi by Erika Cochran Main Characters
-Luke-3rd child,shy, student of Hendricks school for Boys
- Jason/Jackal Boy-brave, traitor, student of Hendricks school for boys
-Mr.Talbot-smart, creative, double crossing population police Setting
This book takes place in the future at Hebcricks school for boys. Science fiction
This is science fiction becuase it takes place in the future The End Movie???
This book should be a movie because it is a cliff hanger and it is easy to visualize. Conflict
The conflict is a man Vs. Man because Luke was fighting to get Jason to stop annoying him. Also he fought with the group of kids in the wood about his garden. The main conflict was him fighting with Jason about the population police. Opinion
In my opinion this book is awesome. It has cliff hangers and it is suspensionsful.I would recomend this book to people who like series and cliff hangers Theme
The theme is Sacrifices Bring Rewards.This theme shows up in the book a few times. First since Luke spoke up to the group with Jason he got new friends. Also since he called Mr.Talbot Jason got arrested. Lastly since he was able to speak up he got the chance to live in the real world. Dynamic Character
Jason is a dynamic character in the book Among the Imposters. He is because in the beginning of the book he was very mean to Luke. Also every night he made Luke do push-ups until he collapased and he made Luke say bad things about hmself. But when Luke found the door and he met the group Luke thought Jason was someone he could trust. In the end Jason was working for the population police and betrayed many kids. Static Character
Mr. Talbot is a static character because he was someone you could trust thruogh out the whole book. Even in a tough situation he came through to help third childern at Hendricks. Summa Summary
Luke got a fake I.D and now is living at Hendricks School for Boys. He finds a door that leads him to the outside. He decides to make a garden. But one day after lunch he finds his garden destroyed. Luke knows that the people who destroyed it were from Hendricks. When he goes outside again he finds Jackal Boy and a group of kids that Luke knows are third children in the forest. Jackal Boy is a kid in Luke’s dorm that torments him. Luke comes out and says that they destroyed his garden. They talk and soon Luke is part of the group. Jackal Boy real name is Jason. One night Luke hears someone sneak out of the dorm past lights out. He sees it is Jason because his bed is empty. Luke takes his textbook so if he is caught he would say he wanted to study. When he found Jason he was n the stairway talking to someone on a cell phone. Jason doesn’t see but Luke hears him and Jason betrays a few kids that are 3rd children. Luke knows he is talking to the population police. When Jason sees him Jason tries to get Luke so Luke hits him with his textbook. Luke drags him to the nurse’s office. During breakfast, the population police and Mr. Talbot come in with Jason in chains. Luke got in contact with Mr. Talbot and Mr. Talbot was able to change the files of the kids Jason betrayed. Then, Mr. Talbot took Luke to Mr. Hendricks and Mr. Hendricks explained that he created this school for third children. When the third children are able to handle the public, they leave Hendricks and go out into the real world. Mr. Hendricks told Luke it was his time to leave but Luke stayed at Hendricks to learn more.
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