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Social Media

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Taishawn Sieza

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of Social Media

How will social media affect our future generations?
Studies show that up to two-thirds of people find it hard to relax or sleep after spending time on social networks. Of 298 users, 50 percent said social media made their lives and their self-esteem worse. So just what exactly is it about social media that allows it to affect our self-worth ?
According to psychotherapist Sherrie Campbell, Ph.D., "' When we look to social media, we end up comparing ourselves to what we see which can lower our self-esteem. On social media, everyone's life looks perfect but you're only seeing a snapshot of reality we can be whoever we want to be in social media and if we take what we see literally then it's possible that we can feel we are falling short in life."'
Continuing on the path we are on with social media will affect our future negatively. Constantly comparing yourself to what you see online negatively affects your self-esteem by making you feel like you are not good enough. Businesses are negatively affected because of how difficult it is to keep track of what is said about them in social media, and also because what is said might not be true. The education of young people is affected negatively because so much of the information in social media distracts students from their goals. Social media can negatively affect a person's health by influencing people to smoke, eat unhealthy food, or feel like they need to diet when they don't. For these reasons we should limit our use of social media. Our future depends on it.
In Conclusion
Social Media
How will Social Media Affect our Future Generation ?

Research shows that businesses will have trouble keeping track of negative or misleading statements about their product or company. According to Catherine, Demand Media, Negative Effects of Social Media on Businesses, "Social media is and enormous conversation everyone is invited to join: with all that talk, it's difficult for business to track statements about their brand that are negative or even defamatory. Companies have the added burden of tracking statements and responding when necessary; the response, however, might be of limited effect if the negative statement has already made the social media rounds". What this means is if someone wants to spread negative or false statements about their company, the company cant keep track of who's spreading it and it will spread all throughout social media and it will be to late to stop it because too many people will believe the person who spread the false statements and negative statements.
Will Social Media affect any businesses?
How is Social Media Affecting Health?
Research has shown that social media influences can affect collective health outcomes ranging from epidemic obesity to smoking behaviors, dieting,and exercise. Why ? Why do teens like our age start doing this ? Research shows that teens mainly do this because :
They want to fit in a community,group, or gang
To escape or relax
To feel grown up among their peers
To relieve boredom and give them personal excitement
To become social ( popular ) among their peers
Lose confidence in who they are
Peer pressure
This is how social media is affecting health.
How is Social Media Affecting Self Esteem ?
This means that social media can give us a false sense of belonging and connecting that is not built on real-life exchanges. This makes it increasingly easy to lose oneself to cyberspace connections and puts more weight on themselves than they deserve.
How will social media be affecting education?
and many more. 81% of teens use social media sites.51% of teens use social media daily. Social media helps us connect and share ideas, but can social media be to good to be true?
Social media is negatively affecting our future through their self esteem, health,businesses,and education.
Social media is affecting education in many ways. According to Tarek Rikam, writer for Seomworld, in "The Effect Of Social Media On Education", shows that it has become a distraction to students, causing the overall performance of students to decline, especially the students who tend to keep checking they're phone while studying or just during class. Social media has affected education in a negatively way by not concentrating on they're studies and tending too not getting enough rest.
Social media is becoming more and more popular.Examples of social media are Instagram,Twitter,Tumblr,Facebook,Snapchat,
Social media can get students distracted and cause them to not be so focused in school and cause they're grades to lower down.
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