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Volume In Real Life

No description

Michael Nguyen

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of Volume In Real Life

Volume In Real Life
My example
-Fish tank
-Dimensions are 40cmx140cmx70cm (LxWxH)
=392,000 cm^3 =392 L
-Contains saltwater for saltwater fish like the blue tang fish
Why is volume and capacity important?
Volume and capacity are important because they determine how much space there is. In my fish tank there is an area of 392,000cm^3. That helps me determine what types of fish would fit and be able to survive in there. For example: In a 10cmx10cmx10cm tank, a clown fish would be able to live a safe life, but a dragon fish would die within moments.
How is volume and capacity used?
Volume and capacity is used to find out what can fit where and how spacious something is. For example: With the volume of my fish tank, my dad knew what types of fish could live there and be unharmed by the amount of space and the amount of water needed to fill the tank.
Impact and relevence
- Impacts me because I have a fish tank
- Would impact a marine biologist more
- Marine observations
- Parts of Asia believe that a fish tank is a sign of luck

Is this example relevent and challenging?
- It is important to many cultures and is necessary in studying sea animals
- It was fairly easy to find the volume
- In real life it would be challenging for a salt water tank
- Hydrometer measures salt water by the density of the water
How has volume and capacity impacted the real world?
- Volume and capacity has impacted our lives greatly
- Everyday volume and capacity is all around you
Examples: Water bottles, can of soup, size of a container, pot, bowl etc.
What is volume and capacity?
Volume is the amount of space an object or substance occupies.
Capacity is the max amount something can contain.
The end
History of the fish tank
- First used in 2000 BC for farming in China
- In the 1800s fish tanks were used in aquariums
- 1974 is when fish tanks started to successfully sell
- Since 1974, fish tanks have been evolving and growing to be able to contain bigger fish
Volume of Worlds Largest Fish Tank?
- Contains 6.3 million gallons
- Contains over 110,000 sea creatures
- 1 gallon = 0.003 meters^3
0.003 x 6300000 = 23848 meters^3
- We each use about 90 gallons a day which equals .349 cubic meters
- The average person lives 27375 days, if we used 90 gallons a day, we would use 9554 meters^3 in our lifetime, less than half the fish tank
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