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LD Teacher Resume

An overview of my personal assets and past performance in the role of Itinerant LD Resource Teacher.

Pino Esposito

on 2 September 2011

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Transcript of LD Teacher Resume

Results-Oriented Learner Team Player Communicator Organizer Innovator Optimize student learning & achievement with the use of
precise supports, strategies and technologies Enabling students to express their thinking in writing Completed numerous PD workshops to
improve knowledge and skills Clicker
Advanced Kurzweil 3000
Dragon Naturally Speaking
Running Records for Junior Teachers Itinerant Learning Disabilities Resource Teacher Performed ongoing research and learning with regard to job responsibilities Specific LD profiles
Psych Ed tests and Assessments
Continuum of LD Supports
Continuum of Literacy Supports
System Success Plan goals
Spec Ed Networking sessions
Differentiated instruction strategies and accommodations
Self Advocacy training Endorsements
from principals
and teachers Excellent rapport with students and staff
Collaborated very well with teachers and SERT to support what was already going on in the school and to set clear, relevant, and achievable goals
His work really made a difference for those students he worked with - Paul Milne, Principal, St Jacobs PS I have also been most impressed with your itinerant role and the communication/updates that you have provided. - Jeffrey Parliament, Principal, Edna Staebler PS I appreciate all the hard work you did with Justin. He enjoyed working with you and was very confident working with his computer. I can't thank you enough! - Judith Zamin, Teacher, Country Hills PS If the student had a question or problem, I would email Pino and he always responded promptly to my inquires and solved the dilemma. The students Pino worked with were always excited to work with him and were proud of the knowledge and skills they gained. They also felt confident enough to independently carry on using the skills when he wasn’t in the building and they were successful! That speaks volumes to the quality of instruction they received from Pino. - Linda Fitzpatrick, SERT, St Jacobs PS Researched and solved problems of a technical nature for team members as they arose Dear Pino,
Thank you for all you have contributed to our team this year.
You have pitched in and demonstrated a high level of professionalism.
Your commitment is very appreciated. Barbara Williams, LD Team Leader Openly and willingly shared information, resources and contacts to create solutions to problems Consistently demonstrated RELIABILITY, INTEGRITY, and ACCOUNTABILITY with regard to commitments. Cooperatively pitched in to improve systems. Took part in sessions to train paraprofessionals. RESPECTFUL & COMMITED TEAM MEMBER Sucessfully managed a caseload of 17 students at 4 schools while learning the job. Scheduled all sessions well in advance while keeping teachers and SERTs in the loop. Designed personalized forms to record and track case-related information. Kept files up to date. Promptly sent detailed session records to principals, teachers and SERTs to inform them of student progress I was amazed with the time that he spent ensuring that everyone in the school was aware of the goals that were established with each student and what they accomplished in each session together. - Linda Fitzpatrick, SERT, St Jacobs PS His follow up session notes were timely, thorough and succinct. - Paul Milne, Principal, St Jacobs PS Main Priorities Made extensive use of cloud computing technology to keep resources accessible and to organize myself, colleagues and students Created my own website in order to keep vital information at hand, with intent to share with team members. Looking Ahead Explore cutting edge technologies for education blogs
personal learning networks
news aggregators
wikis Professional Development Workshops September 19, 2011 September 26, 2011
October 3, 2011 Greater involvement in Spec Ed Support Process Continue to develop and refine teaching strategies Differentiated instruction
Learning Cycles
LD Accommodations Approached by WROTL to present workshop on Assistive Technology Registered for 2 upcoming workshops SBT MDT IPRC Strengthen and develop
professional networks Facilitate the demonstration of student learning through tangible products PAST PERFORMANCE FUTURE GOALS
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