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Auto-biographies and Biographies

Use this fun digital scrapbook template from Prezi to capture and share your life events.

Miss Powell

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Auto-biographies and Biographies

Dress up your Scrapbook with these fun extras!
Other Materials
you can crop these!
(right click on any object to "Add My Collection," for use in other prezis.)
(And don't forget to delete this white frame when you're done)
What is a the difference between a

and an


An autobiography describes interactions between the writer and significant people in his or her life.



A biography is about somebody else’s life.

It is about a real person, but is not written by the person. It is written in third person.

The author must know a lot about the person and research the person, so that they can write a lot about them.

A biography describes key facts about a person.
such as, where, when and how they live (or have
lived if the person is no longer alive)

It is written in chronological order

What do I mean by chronological order?

A biography provides details that show events in a person’s life.

A biography might talk about a person’s achievements, things that have happened to them, and their likes and dislikes
Let's have a look at some biographies
An autobiography is written in first person because it contains facts about the author’s own experiences.

An autobiography recounts key incidents/events in the author’s life.

It is written in chronological order

An autobiography describes influences upon the author.

Such as...

Let's have a look at some auto-biographies!

Now, can you write a quick autobiography?
What will this include? How will you write this?

E.g. My full name is Jemima Holly Hudson. I was born on October 5th 2001.
Once you have completed this, can you find out enough info on your partner to write a biography?
You must include: Their date and place of birth, occupation, , early life, brief descriptions of their favourite things to do and their personal life and major accomplishments.
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