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Virtual Tour of the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum

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Caeli J. Pocock

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Virtual Tour of the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum

Virtual Tour of the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum
Some of these are still used today just modern and new. These very machines inspired others used today. Like the hydraulic saw, the achimedian screw, the webbed glove and others.
Beginning of the tour!
This museum is SO cool but unfortunately we can't go there, its all the way in Florence. In this tour we will travel back through time to look at all of Da Vinci's creative inventions that look somewhat similar to the things now a days. For example the helicopter. The picture of the two will be in tour also. With out further a due, lets get started!
In this section it shows some of Da Vinci's mechanisms. These mechanisms show the principles of motion and transformation. In this section there is the locking system, the worm screw, the fly wheel, the ball bearer ,and many others.
In this section there are many machines that you can interact with. Such as the printing press, the revolving crane, the oil press, the rolling mill, the automation, and many others.
Da Vinci Made Progress!
These inventions are actually pretty cool and extremely different from everything else back then. And people back then didn't really like to think about change or progress but Da Vinci got the ball rolling with these inventions!
These inspired many aircrafts today. Such as Leonado's parachute, the ornithopter, the wing trail, the anemometer, the comedy bird, the hygrometer and many others.
These machines are more about artillary than actual fire. They inspired many artillary today. Such as the machine gun and motor fire. In this section the amoured tank, unique in design and shape and still fully interactive to this day!
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