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European gateways

Unit 7 - Week 2 Session 1 - IATA codes, ferry ports and Eurostar

David Brice

on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of European gateways

Take a look at the airports code handout.
This is a list of "key" European airports and in the travel industry it's important to know as many as possible.

Many travel agents reservation systems need an IATA code to search for a flight or holiday price.
European Gateways
In this session!
IATA codes of gateway airports.
Ferry ports (gateways)
Eurostar routes (gateways)
Leisure destinations of Europe.
IATA codes
Every airport in the world has an IATA code.
It's a 3 letter code that identifies an airport.

For example Heathrow is LHR and Leeds/Bradford is LBA.

So, why do we have them? Any ideas?
It's because pilots, air traffic controllers, travel agents, frequent flyers, computers and baggage handlers can say and write ORD rather than the O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois!
Take a look at the IATA codes for Spain.
Spend a minute to see if you can memorise them.

When you have done that turn the handout over and let's see if you can remember any!
Using your maps from previous session.
Try to mark the following airports on your map and note down the 3 letter codes.
OK...well done. In the next session you will be tested on every European airport code ........just joking !!

Over time you will get to know the codes, but very few travel agents know them all as there are roughly 15,000 and it's easy to look them up if you don't know them.
Let's now look at ferry ports.
Can anyone name a ferry port?
Any others?
Which is the busiest port in the UK?
Gateways are the entry points for travellers to a country, e.g. airports, ports, border crossings, railway stations and tunnels.

Air travel is by far the most common method of travelling from the UK to destinations in Europe, accounting for more than three-quarters of all
Brittany Ferries is one of the ferry companies offering a choice of ferry routes.

Watch this 3 minute video about the routes they offer.
Take a look at the enclosed handout about channel ferry ports.

You will see that there are short routes like Dover - Calais and longer routes like Portsmouth - St Malo. The shorter routes are cheaper!
OK.....Let's not forget about another gateway.....London, St Pancras.

Does anybody know where you can travel to from St Pancras?

Take a look at the handout about Eurostar routes and discuss......
Now for an activity......

Europe has many leisure destinations and offers many types of holidays.
Beach holidays
Winter sun holidays
Lakes & Mountains
Cruise ports

For the rest of this session....Complete the activity handout, using an atlas and your own knowledge.
Now for an activity. Complete the blanks for the 12 questions on the Gateways in Europe worksheet. Use the information on the handouts to try and find the answers.

Answers are on next slide !
Answers to gateways quiz
1. LHR
2. St Pancras
3. Dover to Calais
4. Palma and PMI
5. Gard de Nord
6. St Malo
7. RHO
8. Brussels
9. Plymouth
10. Malaga
11. FCO
12. FAO
Leisure destinations of Europe
Europe has a wide range of destinations for tourists, which can be grouped as follows:

Beach resorts – e.g. Benidorm, Biarritz
Winter sports resorts – e.g. Chamonix, Courmayeur
Countryside areas – e.g. the Black Forest, Lake Garda
Cities – e.g. Vienna, Rome
Cruise areas – e.g. the Aegean, Norwegian fjords
Let's look at one of Europe's most established holiday resorts. It's in Spain and is popular in summer and winter.
There are well over 40,000 hotel beds plus many apartments which is the highest amount in Europe after London and Paris.
Whilst visitor numbers from the UK dropped 13% in 2012 the resort still claims to be the number 1 holiday resort in Spain.
Watch the short video about Benidorm.
The countries most popular with UK residents in 2009 were Spain (11.5 million visits) and France (9.7 million visits)

These two countries accounted for 36 per cent of all overseas visits by British people in 2009

Both have a range of tourist destinations that appeal to a wide variety of visitors
Here are some more examples of holiday destinations– from beach resorts for families and bustling cities that appeal to young travellers to cultural destinations for older people and cruise areas for all. Examples that are popular with British people include:

Cities – Madrid, Venice, Dublin, Barcelona, Paris
Beach resorts – Lloret de Mar, Torremolinos, San Antonio, St Tropez, Magaluf
Purpose-built – Disneyland Paris, Tivoli Gardens (Copenhagen), Legoland (Denmark)
Natural – the Alps, Les Landes (France), Sierra Nevada (Spain), Zell am See (Austria)
Historical/cultural – Rome, Athens, Versailles, Bruges, Venice
Matching leisure destinations
Complete the handout using brochures or Internet
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