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Momentum Car Crash Webquest

By: Hayley Wynn, Amina Ly, & Bridgette Siemon

Amy Lee

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Momentum Car Crash Webquest

By: Hayley Wynn
Bridgette Siemon
& Amina Ly Auto Experts Collision Expert Investigator Recreation of the Crash 1.While the wagon was stopped at a stop sign, a SUV came speeding along.
2.As the SUV hit the back bumper of the wagon, both cars continued to move forward.
3.The SUV lost its momentum after traveling another 2 meters and the wagon was pushed forward 24 meters.
4.At this point, both cars have made a complete stop with damage to the bumper of both cars.
Through the research the physics of linear motion, speed of both the SUV and the wagon immediately after the collision were determined. Using the velocities given by the auto expert, momentum tables were set up to find the velocity of the SUV before the collision. It was found to be 10.83 m/s.

It was then converted into km/hr, and found that the SUV was going 39 in a 35 zone.

From this it can be concluded that the SUV was speeding. There are two type of collisions: elastic and inelastic.

An elastic collision will conserve its momentum completely and in the inelastic collision some of the momentum is transferred to the other object or objects involved in the collision.

Using a kinetic energy equation, it was found that the energy was was close to being conserved. accounting for rounding error and the fact that no collision is perfect in a normal environment, We can also conclude that the crash was elastic since the cars bounced off each other. Conclusions/ Accident Report Momentum Car Crash Given the breaking distance and the equation Vf2 = Vi2 + 2ad, the initial velocity could be calculated. The initial velocities immediately following the collision were 12 m/s for the Wagon, and 2.83 m/s for the SUV. While analyzing the scene, the team made the assumption that the wagon was at a complete stop and the SUV came speeding down, hitting the wagon and then propelling the wagon forward. Some laws that were broken were the SUV speeding down the road and not paying any attention to his surroundings. This can be construed as misconduct. No penalty can really come to the wagon because they were following the rules, stopping at a stop sign.
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