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Next Gen

No description

Michael Lawyer

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Next Gen

Under 5: How we learned to stop worrying and love the bureaucracy 1934 Economy in the tank. FDR creates the FHA, HUD's predecessor as part of the "New Deal." Bright young things flood to Washington to serve America Riots in the streets. LBJ creates HUD as part of the "Great Society." Bright young things flood to Washington to serve America 2008 Markets collapse. President Obama signs "The Recovery Act." Bright young things flood to Washington to serve America 1965 FHA helps save America from the Great Depression HUD help rebuild America's cities HUD helps save America from a second Great Depression Lets take a quick step back in time. We're not that smart.
If we can do this so can you #1. Investigate #2. Congregate #3. Instigate Take the oldtimers out for coffee. Find out what they got away with when they were kids.

Get on the internet and get the data and trends on your area. Know the dreams of the past and the challenges of the future ask yourselves two questions: What do you want to see change?

What can those of us in this room do to make it happen? Then all you have to do is go do those things, realize they didn't work, pick yourselves up and repeat the process until it does work. EASY! 3.5 Trade tips with friends HUD does great things when it brings a team of bright young things together with great leadership to face a crisis. 2010: HUD starts loosing many of the employees it hired in 08-09. A small support group of "those who don't want to quit, but might anyway" is formed by a supportive SES. We call it Under 5. 2011: It gets worse. HUD continues to languish at the bottom of EVS/Best Places to Work scores, and is named the "Worst Place to Start a Federal career." Under 5 starts working in earnest to upgrade the Department. 2012: It gets better. Any given week 50-70 HUD employees are finding extra time to improve the agency. We're rewriting policies, building community and connecting people with the work they entered government to do. Other Co-Conspirators
under5@hud.gov Anthony Soriano
anthony.l.soriano@hud.gov Michael Lawyer
@mclawyer Talk about what you find to everybody. Once you have 5 people excited about a problem get them together to talk about it. Do not worry about getting the "right" people. Get the excited people. Don't be secret about your excitement. Let more excited people find you. Get People Excited Together Far and Away the Best Prize Life has to Offer Is the Chance to Work hard at work worth doing.

-Teddy Roosevelt
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