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AlMunif Holding Profile

No description

abdullah almunif

on 12 August 2014

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Transcript of AlMunif Holding Profile

Al Munif Holding was established in Riyadh in 1998. Our business activities include:
Logistic and Distribution Infrastructure in Food Sector
Food Product Import, Re-Exporting, and Shipping Expertise
Experience Owning, Growing and Managing Companies in Premium F&B Markets
Track Record of Successfully Growing Quality Businesses
Regional Reach and Operations
member of EO:
Riyadh Chapter member.
Food Retail
Our portfolio divides in 3 categories:
Our Portfolio
One of the first original Saudi products to be distributed world-wide.
Rated “Excellent” in the Top 10 customer service companies nationally.
Top 20 Best Places to Work in Saudi Arabia.
At LAZURD catering company we provide a wide range of services to our valuable clients. Our service range from large VIP banquets, 5-star buffets serving both private or public events, official receptions, conferences, weddings and more.
Forbes Magazine 2013
'Leaders inspiring A kingdom'
Rank number 1 out of 50

Featured in:
Harvard Business Review,
Arab Business Report and many other publications.
Our Mission at LAZURD catering is to provide the highest level of satisfaction to our clients, by providing a unique service and reaching the optimum level of performance.
Baby Burger is a chain of restaurants that serve fresh burgers prepared on the grill.
The main product is the "Baby Burger", which can be prepared from fresh beef or chicken and it's served with french fries and beverages.

Thank you for your attention.
We hope you enjoyed the presentation.
Thank you
Abdullah Almunif
Co-founder and investor of:
Southwind Telecom, Fifth Telecom, & Twitmail
Founding Member of:
Oqal, a
growing national organization of angel investors.
Welcome to this presentation. We are excited to begin, but first we will introduce our company:
Anoosh was founded in 2003. Nowadays it's a national chain of 20 gourmet chocolate boutiques.
The brand also includes the exclusive
Anoosh Mamoul
which is distributed throughout the MENA region, Europe, Asia and the United States.
Pane Piatto is a chain of cafes with a new concept for Saudi Arabia. The main products are light sandwiches, coffee and juices.
Panne Piato is available in 20 fully branded Outlets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. By 2015 we plan to reach 50 outlets targeting Universities, Hospitals and Main Streets.
Baby Burger is available in 6 fully branded Outlets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. By 2015 we plan to reach 20 outlets.
Cookies N' Cream is a chain of kiosks and shops that sell cookies, cakes, special events cakes & beverages.
Cookies N' Cream is available in 5 fully branded outlet in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with expansion plans to reach 25 Outlets and one main kitchen by 2017.
Pide Efendi is available in three fully branded outlet in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with plans to reach 30 outlets by 2017.
Road Frozen Logistics is a company that provides transportation services to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & GCC.
Road Frozen Logistics has currently more than 20 trucks. They plan to expand to more than 100 trucks by 2017.
Matajer Alarabiah specializes in supplying and distributing a variety of the highest quality food from all over the world. We import more than 1,000 container yearly.
Matajer was established in 2004 in Riyadh an now operates across Saudi Arabia with 4 main warehouses with three sectors each: dry, frozen and chill.
At Matajar Al Arabiah we handle a diverse stock of food service. We are fully commited to quality service and to build customer relationships and trust. We also run different programs for our customers to improve sales.
Sparks Academy is a company which provides Day Care service to children aged 2 months to 3 years. This service benefits professional women by taking care of children from 8am to 5pm.
The company operates in two locations in Riyadh. Sparks Academy plans to expand to 5 locations by 2017
Circle K is an international chain of convenience stores. A substantial part of the stores operated under the Circle K banner are located within gas stations, notably in the United States, Canada and Northern, Eastern Europe and now available in the GCC area.
Almunif Holdings as a part of their growing strategy in the retail sector, has bought share of Circle K Saudi Arabia.

Pide Efendi is a turkish bakery in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The main product is a traditional pita style bread with different toppings.

Our partners:
Some of our clients:
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