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Plot, Theme, Tone, and Mood Review

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Elizabeth Brathwaite

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Plot, Theme, Tone, and Mood Review

Plot, Theme, Tone, and Mood Review Warm Up Briefly define each part of a story plot. What did you learn about the exposition of "Sound of Thunder?" Parts of Plot What is theme, and how do you determine theme? What's the difference between tone and mood? Revisit the photos on pages 76/77 and 78. What tone toward dinosaurs does each one have and what makes you say so? Based on what the discussion we have had about these photos and what we have learned about the exposition of "Sound of Thunder, what kind of experience do you think Eckles will have during this story and why? Now, we will continue to read "Sound of Thunder" and discuss plot, theme, author's tone, and the mood of the text that are enhanced by the photos. We will predict plot as we read. Draw a plot diagram and briefly summarize each part of "Sound of Thunder." Closing What tone did Eckles have toward his adventure at the outset of it? How and why did it change as the journey progressed? 9/27 Warm Up What tone do the artists seem to have toward the treatment of dinosaurs and their land in the pictures on 76/77 and 78? How is that tone similar to the one of Mr. Travis in "Sound of Thunder?" Closing Students will determine how the tone of non-text items in a text reflect the tone of a text using "Sound of Thunder." Objective AND How would you describe the mood of "Sound of Thunder" and why? In general, what do you think Bradbury's purpose was when he wrote "Sound of Thunder" and why?
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