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Game On: Designing Playful Interactives to Educate & Inspire

Presentation for Online News Association 2014 conference: #ONA14newsgames - Presented by Josephine Dorado (@funksoup), Rebekah Monson (@rsm) & Sisi Wei (@sisiwei). 25 September 2014

Josephine Dorado

on 28 June 2017

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Transcript of Game On: Designing Playful Interactives to Educate & Inspire

Mobile News
Mobile Gaming
Average gamer is 30 years old

Gender balance:
45% are female

62% of gamers play with others

36% on their phones

80% of revenue
in Apple & Google's stores

1/2 of all app downloads
(in Sept 2013)
91% of US adults use their mobiles to go online

43% of mobile users said they consume more news because of mobile usage

Current Facebook news feed a "personal newspaper"

Users consume news from a plethora of sites, platforms & devices
Gaming is king
80 million players
gamers deciphered the structure of an enzyme of an AIDS-like virus
Foldit: crowdsourcing health solutions
extrinsic vs intrinsic reward structure
“intrinsic integration” ensures mechanics of the game mesh tightly with the content the game is trying to teach.
(Make the vegetables themselves taste good and you won’t have to cover them with chocolate
Playtesting FTW
Colleen Macklin
Tracy Fullerton
Susana Ruiz
Jane McGonigal
Nicole Lazzaro
Brenda Brathwaite
Katie Salen
Mary Flanagan

Standing on the strategies of game giants
Q2: Why do you play?
Game On: Designing Playful
Interactives to Educate & Inspire

Q1: Who are you?
Q3: Think of a game that you thought was boring. Why was it boring?
Q4: What makes a game engaging?
Josephine Dorado
Rebekah Monson
Sisi Wei
Who we are
Health Solutions
Civic Engagement
Language Learning
Human Rights Awareness
Financial Education
The Impact of Mobile
Ideas are cheap
Iterative Process
Embrace Failure
Stop brainstorming and start prototyping
Play Spent
America 2049
Darfur is Dying
Mini Metro
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