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The Holocaust

No description

Luisa Lemos

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of The Holocaust

What it the holocaust?
How the holocaust began?
The persecution for the Jewish people increase when the government took away their citizenship and also with the passage of anti- Semitic laws in Nazi Germany. Then the Nazis prohibited the actions of jews in almost every aspect of their lives.
Effect on Jews
As a result of the Nazi restricting so many actions, some Jews left Germany. However, many Jews had to stay because other nations could only accept a number of Jews immigrants.
Why did the Holocaust started?
Adolf Hitler believed the jews were the reason to Germany's problems. Then, when he gained control he started a boycott against the Jews.
7.06 assessment
The Holocaust
is the killing by the Nazi of people who they think is inconsiderable for their ideology.
In 1933, Adolf Hitler who was anti-Semitism became the Chancellor of Germany. In result to this, in the same year the Holocaust started.
As a result...
The Jews who remained in Germany were attacked by the Nazis in there homes. Then they were sent to concentration camps. Moreover, after World War II, millions of more Jews became under the power of the Nazis.
Call to Action!
Lets fight for human rights! for equality! for peace! Adolf Hitler and his Nazi group are going to stop now! No more murders and cruelty!
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