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how VoIP work

Hadeel Qatoni

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of VoIP

VoIP (Voic Over IP ) simply way transmission of
voice traffic over IP- based Out Line:- What is a VoIP Why VoIP (advantages) VoIP architecture Hadeel Qatony
Lamees Msalha disadvantages Cost reduction Advategas:- Low taxes flexibility phone mobile SIP is mainly used by a SIP network
to do call processing,but that isn’t its only function.
In addition to managing the set-up of calls
between SIP devices and controlling call routing, The first line of a request has a method, defining the nature of the request, and a Request-URI, indicating where the request should be sent. PROXY server A redirect server is a user agent server
that generates responses to requests
it receives, directing the client
to contact an alternate set of URIs. Redirect server Registerar is a server that accepts REGISTER requests
and places the information it receives in those requests into the location service for the domain it handles User agent similar to http request/response . SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) has 4 entity specific function and participates
in SIP communication as client, or server , or both. The first line of a request has a method, defining the nature of the request, and a Request-URI, indicating where the request should be sent.
The first line of a response has a response code.

URI(sip:username@host:port) PC SIP massege start line request line status line (response) header Body (contents) Bandwidth disadvantages Made over the Internet for connecting PC to phones
Need to pay for the calls but they are relatively inexpensive. PC to Phone Connection communicate with server using a protocol SIP
device that convert analog signals to digital. ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) Delay – both perceived and measured Information Loss–bit error rate,video and audio Types of VoIP Architecture :- PC-to-PC

Note: In the above listing phones can be
either analog or digital phones esiest way to use VoIP , Calls are free.
ex: - MSN Messenger or Skype PC to PC connection :- How PC to PC VoIP work ??
used a protocol called H323 ,, you put in the phone nomber or the IP address of the other computer and it makes a streaming call from that computerto the other using this protocol .. internet A special phone will connect to a hub or switch on the network. phone to phone connection :- the same Gateway
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