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The Structure of Society in Ancient China

No description

Curtis Field

on 8 August 2014

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Transcript of The Structure of Society in Ancient China

What was The Social Structure Of Ancient China?
The social structure of Ancient China was the key to determining who was the more important and most respected people of Ancient times in China.
Five groups; The Shi, the Nong, the Gong, the Shang and the Nubi.
The Shi were the top level of Ancient Chinese society.
The members of this group were educated.
These people included Scholars and gentry.
They had a comfortable way of life.
The Gong were the third most important Social group in Ancient China.
This group contained the Artisan and Craftsmen of China.
Many of these people worked for the Government or privately.
They were slaves often forced in labour.
Nubi were often war captives, enslaved debtors and criminals.
They were slaves to the emperor or to nobles..
The lowest class of society in Ancient China consisted of merchants and traders.
Regarded as important members of community.
Second highest group in structure.
Food was most valuable in society.
This group was made up of farmers and peasants.
This was the largest social group in Ancient Chinese times.
Did You know???
Did you know that...
Gentry are people of good social position, specifically the class of people next below the nobility in position and birth.
Ancient Chinese Craftsmen & Artisans
Thank you
Ancient Chinese Social Structure Table
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