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Learning Styles Prezi

No description

Buge Apampa

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Learning Styles Prezi

Buge Apampa How do people learn? Objectives Diversity
Generation X
Generation Y

Too much Content
Too little Learning
Too Little Fun Ice Breaker Introduction to Learning styles
Case Study- Pharmacy
Individual task
Completion of PILS
Group Task
Summary & Closing Why is it necessary to know? Kolb’s Learning Styles Does not mean Individual Task What sort of strategies or approaches do you adopt when teaching? Learning Learning Styles Models Kolb's LSI
Zubin Austin PILS
Honey & Mumford
VARK Honey & Mumford
Pragmatist Zubin Austin
Aim: To assess the impact of students’ learning styles on their preferences for teaching methods and future career choices Case Study- Pharmacy To determine the learning styles of pharmacy students

To explore the relationship between students’ learning styles and their preferences for teaching methods Most Preferred Teaching Style Least Preferred Teaching Style Objectives Distribution of Learning Styles Thanks
Any Questions? Assimilator
Self-paced learner
Value organisation & attention to detail
learn in isolation
Reasoning: AC/RO Converger
Problem solver
Decision maker
Reasoning: AC/AE
Active experimentation & concrete experience
efficient & adaptable
social learner
prefer hands-on experience
Reasoning: AE/CE
people -oriented
Reasoning: CE/RO Diverger
people oriented
Reasoning: CE/RO Completion of learning styles questionnaire &
Group discussion Group Task
How can we improve students' learning? Group Task
How can we improve students' learning?
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