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Parent Information Night

Prezi outlining necessary information for parents

Ann O'Gorman

on 25 August 2017

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Transcript of Parent Information Night

Parent Information Night
Welcome! It's going to be a GREAT year!
Class Culture
Produce positive energy with your words and actions
Act as a strong leader or follower, depending on the challenge
Resolve your differences with compromise and respect
Contribute to a positive classroom environment with your words and actions
Class Structure
Units of Study
Please make sure I have a current email. Email is the best way to get in touch with me. My school email is
. If you would like me to email more than one address, let me know and I can accommodate your request.
Parent Communication
I strive to follow the higher level pyramid of Bloom's Taxonomy (Bloom, 1954) when designing units.
Those upper levels require learners to:
EVALUATE (make a thoughtful choice between options, with the choice based upon clearly stated criteria)
SYNTHESIZE (invent a new or different version)
ANALYZE (develop a thorough and complex understanding through skillful questioning).
Bloom’s Taxonomy
Just a few topics we might cover during their two year experience
Themes and Curriculum Tie-In
Journal Prompts
Group Instruction and Discussion
Team work
Small Group Learning
Individual Research and writing
Google accounts for writing, presenting and sharing work
Computer Programming (Tynker and code.org)
Google Classroom
Animoto, wordle etc. for presentations
Classroom Technology
Game Club (Thursdays after school - two eight week sessions)
Destination Imagination (team academic competition)
Math Team (STRONGLY recommended for all Math Enrichment Students)
Spelling Bee
Camp Invention (summer camp)
Extra Curricular Offerings
Classroom Discipline
All units are designed to stimulate thoughts in an area that might not be covered in their grade level curriculum.
You will receive a unit overview before each new unit. This will outline the standards included in the unit and what to expect at home.
Units usually will last for the quarter with a culminating project at the end. Some assistance at home will be required. Information will be provided via email, Google Classroom or take home papers with details.
3rd and 4th Grade Language Arts
Early Roman Times/Root Words
Fairy Tales
Poetry and Social Issues Through Musical Lyrics
Internal Conflict/Hamlet
Wonders/ of the World and Kankakee County
Journalism - Newspaper writing
Earth Preservation
Storytelling and video production
3rd and 4th Grade STEM/Math
Junior Achievement - Build Your Own Business
Cubism/Geometry of art
The Human Brain and Body
Stock Market
Electrical Circuitry
Magic of Numbers (Pascal, Magic Square, Fibonacci)
: I have a class page last year and it was really successful! I post pictures and general posts for parents on this page regularly. If you utilize facebook please ask to join "
Mrs. OG's Enrichment Class
". You will find it a great way to join us in class adventures!
Google Classroom:
I use this tool to send links and assignments to students. They also turn in assignments through this site. It is a very useful way for me to communicate to the students and collect online work.
Developing challenging goals and planning how to achieve those goals is critical for all learners. In this class, students will learn to develop and work on personal goals all school year. Goal sheets will be completed during class and worked on at home.

When the deadline is done, we will announce their outcome. Successful outcomes will require that tha key be decorated and returned to class for display. Unsuccessful outcomes will also be discussed in terms of learning what to do next time and students will be encouraged to just move on to the next challenge or retry.

Classroom Rules:

In this class I expect students to be:
helpful, kind, polite
seek out ways to get the job done
prepared, prompt, on task
I look forward to learning with your child this year!
A little about me:
Live in Bourbonnais
Three children
Two dogs
Taught for 14 years
Background is special education

I believe that academic giftedness comes with challenges. I hope to help your child discover their natural curiosity and passion while allowing them some freedom of expression and output.
Housekeeping items:
If you change your contact information, please make to sure to tell me as well as your classroom teacher.
Make sure I have an accurate email for parent communication.
Check facebook page for up to date photos and information.
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