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FIFA Communications Plan

No description

ollie loz

on 12 December 2016

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Transcript of FIFA Communications Plan

Rebuilding Bridges with Other Organisations
FIFA have lost respect and professional integrity after everything that has gone on.

This has meant that other footballing federations (UEFA, CONCAF, CAF, AFC) and sponsors (Coca Cola, Gazprom, Adidas) are wary to continue with their connection with FIFA.

FIFA need to capitalise on the new leadership and bring in new connections whilst consolidating the wavering ones they currently have.
(Gibson 2015 & 2016)
FIFA is the World Football Governing Body.
Sets the rules and regulations of the game.
Sepp Blatter was President of FIFA from 1997-2016.
Recently suffered several highly publicised faults.
Gianni Infantino elected the new President of FIFA in February 2016.
(ESPN, 2015)
PR Model Analysis-Grunig and Hunts Four Models of Public Relations (1984)
Corruption Scandal
Swiss authorities arrested seven FIFA officials with charges of corruption.

This started and unfolded into one of the biggest corruption scandals ever seen.

Blatter and UEFA president Michel Platini where suspended for 90 days and consequently banned from all football activity for eight years. These have since been lowered to six apiece.

Several former FIFA executives still face trials for allegations relating to previous World Cups and broadcast contracts.
(Wahl, 2016) (Howson, 2016)
Human Rights Allegations
Fédération Internationale de Football Association
Election of Giovanni Infantino
Stakeholders & Publics
The man who has been tasked to lead FIFA up from the ashes.

The former UEFA vice president won a unanimous decision.

FIFA has cash reserves of $1.5 billion dollars.

This money now is under immense scrutiny at his hands. He must now delve into this and rebuild a fallen organisation.

He has many key issues that he must fix, and formulate new PR strategies to help FIFA return to it's former high status.

(Wahl, 2016) (BBC Sport, 2016)
Worker safety is another problem on Infantino’s hands.

Workers who are preparing the stadiums and parks for Qatar 2022 are being put into working environments that are entirely inappropriate and unworkable.
Human Right Allegations Con...
Up to 4000 workers could die before the start of the tournament in 2022.

This has been a common talking point within the media ever since construction started on the venues.

As you can see from the diagram this is sufficiently more than any other major sports competition.

This clearly needs immediate attention.

(Gattoni & Crowe, 2014)
Stakeholder definition – “a group or individual that can affect or be affected by the achievements of an organisations objectives” (Freeman, 1984)

Publics are stakeholders that have a problem/issue with the organisation (Grunig & Hunt, 1984)

Example- The FA remembrance saga

Mendelows Matrix (1991)
7 C's of PR
4 Step PR Model
Continuity & Consistency
Capability of the Audience

(Broom & Sha, 2013)

Situation Analysis

McDonald & Hammer argument

Use of the Stakeholder Theory to decide “who or what really counts?” (Freeman, 2014)

Link to Mendelow’s Matrix

Taking Action
Using Two-Way Communication
Driving credibility-One of Broom & Sha’s 7 C’s of PR

Active engagement-building trust and respect

Social Media? Taking feedback and suggestions from stakeholders?

Not to be used on key issues

(Broom & Sha, 2013)

Building Media Relationships
Suggestions by Smart (2009)

Engage with them via social media
Meet with journalists to develop personal relationships
Give journalists what they want and become a valued resource.

Using the Excellence Theory to Identify Key Issues
Research tested through 327 organisations

FIFA must avoid sublimating PR to marketing-often leads to asymmetric communication.

Look into equity and diversity-The research suggests women have difficulty entering managerial roles.

FIFA could look into their management structure to avoid ethical controversy.

(Grunig, 1992)
The Use of PR Campaigns
One of FIFA’s most recognised PR Campaign- Live Your Goals

Production of content on current key issues, sex abuse?

Format similar to UEFA’s Kick Racism Out Of Football

FIFA Sponsorship
(FIFA, 2016)
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Who FIFA Need To Keep
With sponsors wanting to keep the integrity of their own company intact many have been hesitant to be related to FIFA in the wake of their scandal.

On the other side, FIFA want to rebuild but they will need to maintain the sponsors they currently have to do this successfully.

Certain companies are more imperative than others; their business partnership more fruitful to FIFA in terms of income and credentials.
(Withnall, 2015)
$290 Million
$186 Million
$200 Million
FIFA’s current strategies are not near the standard they should be.

It is very traditional and back dated; the one-way communication is still used due to FIFA having the power to do so.

The potential way FIFA could keep people engaged is to use two-way communication.

Stakeholders and publics who have high interest in the organisation can be informed in the correct way

By communicating with the publics and media more, a better outlook for FIFA can be created.

(Grunig, 1992 & 2009)
(Broom & Sha, 2013)
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