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No description

Destiny Tompkins

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Netiuette

Please Watch Video
Each group will have a worksheet to complete together.

1) Cut out and color examples of bad netiquette.
2) Write my netiquette at the top the construction paper
3) Spread glue on the construction paper and lay the yarn on top, creating a net.
4) Glue the examples of bad netiquette to the paper, trapping them in your net.
Theatre Time
Make a posterboard of good netiquette and it will be displayed by computer stations....REWORD THIS

Make a pledge to use good netiquette
Let's Talk Netiquette!
Netiquette is a set of rules for practicing good manners on the Internet.

The most common type of bad netiquette is being mean or rude to others online. This is also an example of cyberbulling.
Classroom Expectations for the Internet
Always use kind words on the internet
Do not type in all caps
Never use bad words
Do not send spam
When you have completed your nets please write answer the following questions in your writing journals:

How are you going to practice good netiquette?
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