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Tucker County Tourism presented April 22, 2010

No description

Brandon Holmes

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of Tucker County Tourism presented April 22, 2010

Relevant Why do we fail to reach them? When do people stop listening? Integrity, character, loyalty and having FUN outside still matter!
"The magic of scouting occurs in the great outdoors, and there is magic in the New River Gorge." (good line from the RFP) Are you looking for the silver bullet? How about an organized creative process that is managed and measured everyday? We tell stories and create regular, relevant content that sticks.
WE ARE ALREADY ON LOCATION! Partner with a team who will get
the conversation started. The Empowered Marketing Team Rob Godbey Jeff James Lee Kraus, EdD Crystal Good Brandon Holmes George Rogers Reid Williams Haynes Mansfield Proposal Requirements Campaign Development Communication Needs Campaign Audiences Objectives,
and Tactics What is your process for
developing content? Monitoring, Measuring and Reporting Gretchen Mae Stone Mariah Hibarger Experience 10 Pillars of Empowered Marketing No really, Scouting is relevant. VP of Strategy and Innovation, Mythology Marketing | Rob is a seasoned business strategist and consultant. Rob worked at Ernst & Young, a high-tech startup, as CIO of the City of North Charleston, S.C., and founder/CEO of GodbeyWorks, a management consulting firm. He has been on the forefront of spreading the importance of the "creative class" and new economy growth in West Virginia since he returned to his home state seven years ago. After spending several years in IT and consulting roles around the country, he joined Mythology Marketing to apply the latest best practices in innovation and management. He holds a degree in physics from the University of Michigan. VP of Interactive Marketing, Mythology Marketing | Lee is a reputable thought leader in instructional technology and “Web 2.0” technologies. He is a serial entrepreneur and a passionate road biker and runner. Lee earned his doctoral degree at WVU. Lee blogs at http://leekraus.blogspot.com/ CEO, Mythology Marketing | Jeff developed the 10 Pillars of Empowered Marketing during his 14 years in marketing management at Microsoft as a method for squeezing additional return on investment out of limited marketing budgets. He earned B.S. and M.S. degrees at West Virginia University. He is Mythology’s founder and CEO. Chief Content Officer, WELD | Reid earned 3 bachelor's (BS/BA) degrees and an M.Ed. before career turns as a newspaper journalist and editor, and an international adventure travel guide. Reid is also an Eagle Scout. Chief Creative Officer, WELD | George founded IQMedia in 1999 which became WELD in 2008. George is a managing partner of WELD and a leader focused on results. His creative oversight includes managing a Web conversation campaign for a Fortune 200 company that includes social media tactics, search engine marketing and Web development. Chief Executive Officer | Brandon is a socially conscious entrepreneur focused on economic development. His other ventures include a green-building company and a lifesaving rescue training institute. Creative Director, WELD | Haynes was the first man in the world to high-line span the New River Gorge. As WELD's creative director, Haynes manages website development and publishing, and directs the work of partner production teams. He has a BFA in Studio Art
from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Account Executive, Content Producer, WELD | Mariah speaks Spanish and has lived in New Zealand. Mariah is a client's chief liaison and directs project work in all digital marketing practice areas. In addition, Mariah conducts client technology training and also holds a B.A. and West Virginia teaching certificate.

Keith Doherty Director of Video, WELD | Keith led the creation, online distribution and analytic study of more than 100 high-definition video clips in 2009. Keith is an avid kayaker and mountain biker, a certified secondary school teacher, and graduated with a B.S. from Slippery Rock University. Web Content Editor, WELD | Gretchen worked as a journalist and editor in print, web and video at two of West Virginia's leading newspapers and as a marketing events coordinator at one of the state's largest law firms before joining WELD's content team as a producer and editor in February 2010. She has a B.S. in Journalism from West Virginia University. Senior Marketing Manager, Mythology Marketing | Crystal is a member of the Affrilachian Poets and serves as the Diversity Lead for the nonprofit Create WV (www.createwv.com) initiative. She is a Chief Storybuilder, and a graduate of West Virginia State University with a B.S. in communications. Our
Passion The professional opportunity to become a marketing partner of TrinityWorks, The Summit: Bechtel Family Nationnal Scout Reserve, and The Boy Scouts of America excites us because it aligns with the personal interests and values of the members of both firms. We not only seek out stimulating business and marketing challenges, but we seek to work with those organizations whose operations benefit society and keep us all active in the outdoors.

Most of the WELDers, for example, first became acquainted with each other through pursuits as outdoors professionals in whitewater, rock climbing and rescue instruction. All of us have chosen to live in Southern West Virginia, in large part, because of the quality of life that comes with wilderness and these activities. Some staff members also have direct experience with Scouting...

It would be both an honor and a pleasure to help promote The Summit, to raise interest in and attendance of the 2013 Jamboree, and to be charged with creating new and greater affinity for Scouting, across all ages. ...and WELD's Chief Content Officer Reid Williams
is an Eagle Scout. www.aceraft.com | ACE Adventure Resort | WELD designed, developed and manages ongoing digital marketing and business innovation as an exclusive service provider of West Virginia’s largest outdoor outfitter. After two years of web and content development, ACE has also enlisted WELD to help implement new mobile accessibility, booking and CRM systems. www.trailsheaven.com | Hatfield-McCoy Trails | Mythology Marketing created and manages the wildly popular website and user community centered around West Virginia’s premiere ATV trail system and recreation destination. Mythology’s consultants continue to develop innovative campaigns to promote interaction with and conversion of new enthusiasts. We've already started: http://www.youtube.com/user/eliteswiftwater
Tactics * Simple — It can be deep, it just better be digestible.
* Unexpected — Surprise does a lot to hold attention.
* Concrete — Ideas tied to our senses are not easily dispossessed.
* Credible — If it’s believable, it’s more memorable.
* Emotional — We remember what we care about.
* Stories — People are naturally intrigued by compelling narrative.

Objectives Strategies "You first need a network of people. In order to do that, you need to create and share valuable 'free' content to your target audience consistently, over a long-period of time." - http://tinyurl.com/ya3rccv Mythology and WELD leverage a marketing system based on these 10 pillars to improve your overall marketing efforts. Our approach is to work directly with you to improve a specific pillar or to help you improve all 10. EFFICIENT, EFFECTIVE, MEASURABLE: MARKETING PROGRAMS

According to the CMO Council’s Marketing Outlook 2008 Report, senior marketing executives listed their top challenges:

* Quantifying and measuring the value of marketing programs and investments
* Growing customer knowledge, insight and conversations
* Upgrading the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing groups

Relationships with local and national outfitters and resorts such as Adventure West Virginia Resort, Snowshow, ACE and OARS,
along with retailers and other sectors of outdoor industry
14 years of corporate relationship marketing experience at Microsoft
Local knowledge - we're in our backyard Project Management Company: Mythology Marketing
Project: BSA Viral Campaign Proposal
Link: http://mythologymarketing.basecamphq.com/C58244571

Mariah Hibarger commented on a message:

I definitely think this (BSA) is a good place to bring in geo-location
social gaming platforms like FourSquare and Gowalla that
Gretchen has been researching. They seem like a social media
channel that will appeal to the demographic and will be a
powerful motivator for activities/engagement surrounding the
camp. It's highly unlikely (in my opinion) that kids will be
forced to part with their cell phones, so let's make sure such
tools are being utilized effectively by the core "curriculum" or
camp ethos.

Mariah 1. Build Networks 11. Share Content The Empowered Marketing team uses a variety of web-based platforms for project management.
These include Basecamp, VeoProject, Google Apps, Skype, GoToMeeting and more.
In the initial defining period of the project, we will build out a scope of work and develop a
communication plan matrix which outlines the
preferred modes of communication for all stakeholders, their desired level of detail in reporting
and their contractual response times. TOOLS The 10 pillars guide the process and enable sticky story generation that best resonates with priority customers
We determine which channels most appropriately deliver the goods
We use creativity and technology to manage a conversation
We have HD video production in house and a staff of accomplished web copy writers It's all right here, in the 10 Pillars Process A continuous cycle of daily reporting email Ooyala web video hootsuite social media sentiment analysis geographic data Who's bloggin 'bout us? YouTube channel metrics Project Management as a Process Define
Closeout Daily client interaction and oversight Strategic Value
– beyond simple program execution Side Projects Recent Work In the News ...executive leadership ...creative minds ...client relevance The size of your agency doesn't matter to them Let's get... More than 5,000 views on friction hitches (scouts love friction hitches) Earned Media SUCCESS www.lightsonwv.blogspot.com One remodeled Green Building at a time... Flying around in helicopters It Pays to Innovate Evolving our Marketing:
May 25, 2010 Critical Access Hospitals Cool stuff we're up to If we can't decide on a regional social media marketing campaign, we hope you at least buy our $3 app :) Take a look at
the new earned media 1. Generate exposure for my hospital
2. Increase my traffic to my website
3. Create new business partnerships
4. Rise in search rankings
5. Generate qualified leads
6. Help me sell hospital services
7. Reduce my overall marketing expenses Geo-Location & The New Swiss Army Knife The compass became GPS became location-aware mobile devices. Scouts still need to know how to orient by compass, topo maps and stars to "be prepared" when the network goes down, but Scouting must prepare youth for the growing omnipresence of technology connected to personal computing devices. Full GSM & CDMA coverage at The Summit
Geo-caches strategically placed across base
Use of QR codes for augmented reality experience
Build on ARC-GIS data & plans from development, mashed up on Google, Bing or other map platforms Product & Activity Clips

User-Generated Clips How to and tutorial clips
skills, mountain bike maintenance/technique Testimonials
Documentaries ("The Road To Tucker")
These "POV" videos were filmed with GoPro cameras. The company could be considered a potential partnership opportunity. Social Media continues
to be one answer Make a strategic commitment
to regional social media marketing Plan
Measure and Monitor
Manage the Project Content Strategies: Where can we dominate? A health care lawyer practicing at Flaherty Sensabaugh Bonasso PLLC and blogging from Charleston, West Virginia. Focused on helping businesses and health care providers weave through a variety of state and federal health care regulations and assisting them in business transactions. Interested in the application of technology to the practice of law and medicine, including issues involving privacy of health data, social networking and the evolution and adoption of electronic medical record systems and other uses of technology to make health care better in the future for you and me.
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