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Tech Assault Laser Skirmish Induction

The rules and basic game play mechanics of Tech Assault Laser Skirmish. www.techassault.com.au

Lee Weller

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Tech Assault Laser Skirmish Induction

Headshots only - Sensors front and Rear When you hit an enemy their sensor will flash red. Do not stop firing until it goes solid red, this means they have been eliminated. Aim the rifle by looking down the scope and lining up the Red dot with the enemies head Shooting without using the scope will likely end in friendly fire and some rather miffed team mates ;) The Predator Assault Rifle PROTIP: Got the enemy in your
cross hairs but not getting any hits? Check the barrel of the rifle isn't being blocked by a bunker! Hold down the trigger to fire (most weapon types are fully automatic) A clicking sound when pulling the trigger means you are out of ammo, press the reload button once and wait a few seconds (different weapon types have different reload times) PRO TIP: Don't always wait to hear the click before reloading, make sure you have enough shots ready when you need them. If you know your low on ammo and safe behind cover that's your moment. PRO TIP: Don't stand in the open, you may be shot by multiple people at the same time. Use the bunkers effectively and if you are being hit go to cover Tech Assault is a game of skill, strategy and team work. Even if you have played 'Laser Tag' before please pay attention to the following information because 'Laser Skirmish' is a whole different game.

We will now cover the basics needed to survive on the battlefield. Safety Rules The Predator Assault Rifle is 3KG's of SOLID METAL. If you collide with another player this WILL do A LOT of damage to a person. With this in mind remember..... 1) NO RUNNING
2) Always keep at least 1 meter away from other players
3) No guns in peoples faces
4) Be extra careful when moving around hidden corners, there could be a person tucked in behind the bunker Other Rules 1) Respect the equipment
2) DONT push or move bunkers, they will fall over
3) NO combat rolls (the scopes will snap off)
4) NO cheating
5) Play fair and respect other players
6) If consuming alcohol during the event please take extra care Please pay careful attention to the following rules. They exist to maintain a safe and fun event for all players. Offenders will be given 1 warning and then banned from the game without refund. When you are eliminated you will need to return to your teams starting location.

In most game modes you will be automatically brought back in to the game. This is achieved by looking at your teams 'spawn box' which shoots a signal out of the top every 10 seconds.

Make sure while you are waiting you don't block your sensor or any team mates also looking to respawn A player has a certain amount of 'health points' allowing them to take a few hits before being eliminated.

When you take a hit your gun makes a pain noise, this is different to the 'Death' noise you hear when you are eliminated which is longer and more dramatic.

You can confirm you are definitely eliminated if you pull the trigger and hear no sound. Good luck, Have Fun Any questions you still have about the game a Tech Assault Marshall will be happy to answer or speak to one of our veteran players. All participants play at their own risk
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