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PIF Thingamajigger!


K'neth Tubungbanua

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of PIF Thingamajigger!

Kenneth, April and Kaylen PIF term 2 Issue Why Kenneth Joined because he thought it "wasn't cool" that people had to live on the streets. He felt how cold it could get in the evening, so he wanted to help how he could. Who When Salvation Army 2012
November 30 December 10
December 3 December 12
December 5 December 14
December 7 December 15
December 8 December 22

Quest 2013
January 19 Benefits The people who are affected by poverty, and/or are homeless will benefit from our actions because all of the donations that we collect will be donated towards helping them. The community will benefit from our actions because they will have hopefully learned what the Salvation Army, Quest Food Exchange, and what we are doing. The community will hopefully also help out organizations like these. LABELING FAILS copyright 2013 Mohammad Fardinzaman
used without permission My packaging technique compared to Mohammad's Kenneth's (left) stores one more (5% more!) container of rice! We decided to work with Quest Food Exchange because we want to, as said on their website, "Reduce hunger with dignity, build community, and foster sustainability." We also worked with the Salvation Army because it is an organization that is committed to ending poverty and caring for people who are struggling. They are also working to educate the public about what it means to live in poverty and what they can do to help. Oh, by the way, that bald guy in the background is Surindra, the guy from Quest. Struggling Families Salvation army stuff is hard. Kenneth is boss April wut r u doing April Stahp. nice adam's apple, by the way. Homelessness Poverty Health Issues Financial Problems The addictive power of rice fumes Starting out Occasional use Physical dependance The label master Kacy Leung long hair! Kaylen came along and joined in because she didn't like the fact that she had to see this every day on the streets. So she decided to help an organization so she can can with deducting poverty, homelessness... Kenneth is boss Facts ~The top reasons for living on the streets: lack of income (25%), cost of housing (19%), addictions (17%) family problems (10%). ~Estimated that 1/3 of Vancouver’s homeless population are youth under the age of 25. April believes that everyone should have a fair chance at living a dignified life, and by working with organizations to reduce poverty, she can do more than giving change to those on the streets. ~The homeless count found that 3/4 of the homeless are men and 1/3 as Aboriginal ~2011 Metro Vancouver Homeless Count found a total of 397 homeless youth. ~Vancouver’s homeless population, having the highest number of homeless people among its neighboring cities, seems to be getting worst before 2010. ~Street homeless numbers went up slightly over 2011, while the number of sheltered homeless decreased. ~The City of Vancouver is committed to ending street homelessness by 2015. ~Homelessness is one of the most isolating, lonely and stressful experiences a person can endure. :) It looks cooler, too April mirks Kenneth Haha, nope. Poor Kaylen. Sounds like Gollum. HOBBITSES!
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