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Darya D

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Diet

Keeping a healthy diet is very important, though sometimes we don't know how to maintain one. Looking at nutrition labels on your products' package is highly helpful. By looking at the label you're able to determine how much of what your eating.

I know what you guys are thinking right now, "Why would I spend time looking at the nutrition label? Just a waste of time," Some of you guys may spend time looking at them. You can eat your cereal or breakfast and at the same time, look at the nutrition labels on the package.

Look at Nutrition Labels
Physical Movement
What should you be eating on a healthy diet?

Fruits and Vegetables
Healthy Grains
Dairy Product

Healthy Choices
Trans fat is the unhealthy fat you should be eating, but fat is something you need for a healthy body. Just not too much!

Same thing goes for sugars and calories, you need these to keep your body healthy and active but too much can cause health problems

Sodium; sodium is also necessary for your diet but some people are getting more than recommended which is a problem.

Remember that you need those things listed on nutrition labels but there is a limited amount you should stop at!
What to keep in mind
What is a balanced diet?

A balanced diet is a diet that contains an amount of needed nutrition for a healthy body and energy.
Balanced Diet

Eat less processed foods
Stay away from fat foods
Eat less junk and sugary foods
If you can't understand and pronounce ingredients on a package, probably means they're hot healthy for you
Eat high-fiber foods
Get enough starch but not TOO much
The food guide is something you could always keep in mind and get used to. It should be one of your daily habits, good habits.
Food Guide
The food guide is one thing that you should refer to. Keeping a balanced diet can be a very healthy habit.Though with so many things in the way such as media, and peer pressure it could be hard to handle this healthy habit. So, you have to be very careful
How to maintain healthy habits
Bad habits such as, eating fast food almost daily, eating big portions of foods, late night eating and even skipping meals like breakfast. These are a few of some bad habits that can affect your diet and health.

Good habits are just like the healthy diet choices. Such as eating the right amount of nutrition and following a food guide. Also eating a right amount of food (portion) is a good habit. In this case, you should not be late night snacking or skipping meals. And doing the general stuff like eating less fat foods and eating less salty and sugary foods.
Good/Bad Habits
Your friends are going out and they invited you to go with them, you and your friends went to the mall and you passed by a chocolate store and your friends asked you to buy something from there too. You bought the same amount of chocolate as they did, but you did not want to snack on any chocolate since you wanted to keep a balanced diet. This happens to ALOT of people when you go out with friends. You plan on not eating any sweets or junk food but your friends pressure you to eat some junk food. It could be loads of sweets sometimes. You diet will be effected if you get used to this.

You have to be very careful when you find yourself in this situation
Going Out With Friends
Media has a big impact on the teens decision of making healthy food choices. Let's take McDonalds as an example. McDonalds has many commercials of thin models and tasty, fresh "perfect" looking combos. Unfortunately, this persuades the teens to buy the combo. In reality the combos have a lot of fat contained in them.
After all you have ate you need to have physical activity each day. Exercising or just talking a walk is still helpful. Go to the gym or go out with friends. In winter these may not be reasonable ideas, but you can always exercise at home like maybe lifting weights or skip roping is a healthy choice. Create a choreography of a dance is educational, fun, and physical movement.

F ind the nutrition labels
A dd high-fiber foods
avoid high-fat, high-sugar food
T ake time to exercise
S ubstitute new habits

Get rid of bad habits and get used to healthy and new ones.

P pinpoint risky situations
L ist alternatives
A pply alternatives
N ew habits

Exercise/Daily Activity
Health: Teens Nutrition
In this ad they tried to win children to buy a happy meal just because they have minion toys from Despicable Me
They incorporated Hockey Night in Canada , saying that McDonalds is a sponsor for HNIC and the fact that hockey players, coaches, etc. eat here and you should too.
Here is a list of servings of each food group you should eat daily
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