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Job-Hunting 2.0: Innovative Ways to Find a Perfect Job in the New Economy by Timo Lampikoski

by Timo Lampikoski

Tim Pond

on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of Job-Hunting 2.0: Innovative Ways to Find a Perfect Job in the New Economy by Timo Lampikoski

Challenging questions
How to get recruiters interested in me?
How do I present my JMV (Job Market Value)?
How to show my uniqueness?
How to network?
LinkedIn is a network of over 270+ million professionals
Create an impressive Profile
Add on your Profile
All of your special skills
Links to your Twitter account etc.
Network actively:
Contact people
Get Endorsements
Get Recommendations
Join Groups and be active in them
Create your own Group
318 Connections link you to 4,237,456+ professionals
Find jobs
Create an interesting
Create a Page/s or a Group(s)
Follow organizations'
recruing Pages
info and PR-Pages
2. Create your own digital portfolio /
visual CV

Create your own blog
Create an excellent
resume to highligt your
social media skills and activity
Be active on
Social sites
3. Create a professional website
Facebookilla on 1,9 miljoonaa
käyttäjää Suomessa
Facebook is not only for personal networking
Their business idea: Like the Pages of your own field to get info about new jobs on your FB stream
Job-Hunting 2.0:
Innovative Ways to Find a Perfect Job
in the New Economy
More difficult to find jobs in the new economy
Job-hunting has recently undergone a transformation
The new economy is competitive, focuses on results and requires active networking.
People with successful careers:
Are flexible
Adapt to changes
Understand the demands of the market
Know how to network both online and offline
Present their skills and talents well
Present themselves as problem-solvers
How to find a job?

Finding a job in the new economy requires a totally different mindset and new skills
To succeed, one needs to adopt job-hunting 2.0 new strategies
5. Other ideas...
e.g. use WordPress templates
You don't necessarily need to host your own website. You can create free page/s on social sites, such as hubpages.com and squidoo.com
Digital portfolio is an enhanced CV where you add samples of your skills, achievements and web presence
4. Make a video job application
Video application is a new, fresh way to promote your skills and experience
Make a short video that is
You can download your video on YouTube or another video site, and send the URL to the recruiter
Be innovative
Be different
You'll find this presentation on
and comment blogs
1. Utilize social media
Images courtesy of
iStockphoto and MorgueFile
For more information, visit

Timo Lampikoski
4L Training & Consulting Oy
www.cv-shop.fi & www.itsensajohtaminen.com
Visual/infographic CVs
Create a personal cover letter
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