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Southwestern Advantage Highlanders presentation

long form

SW Highlanders

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of Southwestern Advantage Highlanders presentation

Is it necessary to sell a lot in order to do well?
Work hard -schedule/Effort
Fun and positive person
Yr 1 - Learn about time management, goal setting, problem solving and how to sell
Yr 2 - Learn to train and lead other students by selecting, training and leading your own team
Each YES provides the money but each NO provides the experience
To be the best organisation
in the world at helping young pople
develop the skills and character they need
to achieve their goals in life.
The Purpose of Our Meeting
Explain details of the Southwestern Program
Answer your questions
Find out if there's a match between you and our program
- Program may be for you, it may not be
- You may be for the program, or maybe not
Overview of Southwestern
Southwestern's Mission
Curriculum Vitae
Meet & interact with thousands of families
Develop communication skills for the real world
Make a good first impression
Build confidence
“Spend a year learning to sell. Even if you earn nothing your communication skills will improve. And that is priceless.”
-Robert Kiyosaki
“If I’m hiring someone…and they come in here…having sold books for a couple of summers with Southwestern, I know they know how to sell. That’s a huge plus on a CV.”
-Dave Ramsey
Curriculum Vitae
Communication & Sales Skills
Relocate to a different part of the world
Advancement & Personal Growth
Only 2% of Graduates have Management Experience
Push yourself to a higher level
Set yourself apart from peers
Develop life skills
Networking experience
Make a difference
Of the advantages we talked about - which two appeal to you the most?
The philosophy of our company is to
develop character in young people and
we do that by teaching them how to run
their own sales business.
Why Learn To Sell?
It is a great advantage to be able to
sell yourself and your ideas.
Ask yourself:

Is this a good system?
Could you learn how to demonstrate it?
What would be a fair price?
If you were to show it to 30 families per day with children how many do you think would buy?
Reference Products
Why do students do well
Middle Class Areas (Placement)
Credibility as a student
Share The Advantage Giving Programme
Vision: Southwestern empowers student dealers to share skills for learning and skills for life by donating one Southwestern Advantage Online for each one they sell.
Customer Testimonials
(what they're saying on )
Just got my book today, and I love it. It's helpful, easy to read, and will make my last year in high school and college so much easier. Thank you so much SWAdvantage, and thank you Chelsey for being so awesome!!! I definitely recommend this to anyone who needs more info for any subject or needs help with other subjects, because for once, Science looks so much easier with this. :)
My husband and I are SW Alumni and I was so happy today when Robin knocked on our door and I could buy some more books and cd's from her! It's fun being on the buying end of the SW family! =-)
-Jeremiah W.
-Alexandria M.
I just purchased these books and am now going to check out the website. From what I have seen so far I really think this is a great set of books. My 12 year old son really wanted them and to be honest I thought they might be able to help me RELEARN algebra for yet the 3rd time! I wanted to help my son with his math so I purchased Algebra for Dummies and now I'm seeing that the math section of these books was all I needed. Can't wait to see how much we use them throughout this school year and many more to come. If they can re-teach me algebra then it was money well spent because I'm a hard student (at 50) to teach!
-Wendy S.
Jacob just left our house and we purchased the Ask Me and Exp & Learn books. We already had the Student Handbooks. He was a delightful person. We hope to get more books as our daughter Isabelle needs them. We have had great experience with the Student Handbooks and we are comfortable knowing that the new ones will be just as helpful. Thanks Jacob for visiting us in Esom Hill.
-Amanda H.
How We Do Business
Demonstrate in the home to families
Dress casually, like students!
Teach a system called “pre-approach”
Use referrals and recommendations
Use a low key approach
Laid-back selling style
Law of averages
30 families a day
Steps of the Summer
Steps of the Summer
Steps of the Summer
Steps of the Summer
How the Money Works
You make 38% profit on each sale. This chart is based on an Advantage 2-book sale.
*Residual pay continues for as long as dealer qualifies through the Southwestern company. Est retention rate 80% after year 1.
What's next
How does it sound so far?
Info sheet and DA
Explain the next three days
Set up time for tomorrow
Sit back through an information session
Attend next seminar / campus meeting
Student testimonials
“The best experience you can imagine. You learn things about yourself and how you want to see yourself in the future. For an International student the unique opportunity to travel and earn great money makes the whole experience incredible.”
“It is such an amazing experience, not always easy but definitely worth it. Over the last 4 summers I have learnt how to sell, manage and lead. I have also made enough money to pay my way though university and I’m about to buy my first property. It’s awesome.”
“Running my own business in America was the most life-changing experience I have ever had. The people I met in the team were amazing, it was hard and I enjoyed every minute of it. The friendships and connections that you make at Southwestern are amazing and will be valuable throughout life.”
James Filsell
University Edinburgh
Veronika Hapakova
University of Economics Prague (VSE)
Tim Parkin
University of York
“I don’t think I could have learnt so much about myself and other people in such a short amount of time and I had so much fun! Southwestern was a great experience and I would recommend it to any of my friends.”
“As a 2nd Year in the programme I was honoured to run an organisation of 17 people.  It was the most challenging thing and the biggest experience of my life.  Learning how to motivate people, listen to them, coach them and lead by example was just a great opportunity to have.”
“During the summer I was really focused on working! I never stopped during the day and had a great desire to be a top first year. I felt proud of what I achieved and successful.”
Venetia Willis
University of Edinburgh
Miroslav Vansa
University of Economics Prague (VSE)
Viktoriya Shopova
Technical University of Sofia
Student testimonials
What it Takes to Do Well?
Work hard
The book business teaches you that you can do more than you thought, you can work longer hours than you thought and achieve a level of concentration that you probably haven’t achieved before.

Jeff Sessions
U.S. Senator - Alabama
SW Alumnus
The Experience she got over her years as a manager has been invaluable. The attitude she developed was that of a women with high goals, determination and who found her job fulfilling.

Pat and John N
Ipswich, UK
Parents of SW Student
What you are one day going to be you are now becoming
High Achievers know they must proactively form good habits. If they don’t they are destined unconsciously to form bad habits. Habits form futures. It’s really just that simple.
Why be a Student Manager
Beyond Graduation
Southwestern “SIMPLY THE BEST.” The best people, the best training, the best financial opportunity, the best competition, the best company any student or recent graduate could invest three or four years with.

Dave Causer
Vice-President International Division
“In my opinion, being a Sales Manager is the best transition from university life to the real world and it has been one of the best experiences of my life. It is amazing to have so many friends all over the world and be able to travel so much. I love having a flexible schedule and being paid what I’m worth and most of all having a real impact on others. It’s super-tough but extremely worth it.”

Josef Dvorak
Field Sales Leader
“Being a Sales Manager allows you the opportunity to make some amazing friends, travel all over the world and really develop personally, professionally and financially. One of the most rewarding things is that you can impact peoples’ lives for better. We do a great thing.”Katia SandOrganisational Field Leader
Sales Management
Being a District Sales Manager is Southwestern’s best career opportunity. It’s a career where sales managers can make a positive difference in the lives of people; where one can grown professionally, financially and personally, from which the greatest rewards come from seeing the type of people students become as they mature.

The path to district sales manager is not an easy one. It requires discipline, extraordinary self-motivation and a willingness to see young people not as they are but as they can become.

Th rewards are great: every district sales manager has the opportunity for ownership in the company, a steadily growing profit-sharing investment account (funded entirely by the company) and an outstanding income opportunity.
What does a District Sales Manager do? Terms like counsellor, teacher, coach, mentor, motivator and leader come to mind. Working professionally with university students provides and opportunity to make a genuine difference during some of the most turbulent years of their lives.

In helping them develop and internalise universal success habits, sales managers prepare graduates to make significant and positive contributions to their chosen fields of endeavour, whatever and wherever those may be.

It is more than a career. It is an opportunity to experience first-hand the truth so clearly stated by Sir Winston Churchill:

“What you get enables you to make a living but what you give - that’s what makes a life.”
Robin Mukherjee, President of International Sales

“Working in the Highlander Group Sales Manager Programme is in my opinion the greatest way to spend your first two years as a graduate and is a great opportunity to see the world. In my first five years as a Sales Manager, I was fortunate enough to be able to take 52 vacations, spanning 19 countries and four continents (see map above). I love to travel and learn about new cultures and the best time to do it is definitely when you are young.

Working in the Sales Manager Programme will benefit you financially, teach you how to manage priorities, teach you how to lead others, allow you to travel and, most of all, you will make lifelong friends. It is an incredible opportunity to develop yourself and to help you figure out what you want from life.”

Being a Highlander means being part of something truly amazing and our group has a very work hard, play hard mentality. The Highlander Group philosophies are to do the right thing, constantly improve, have fun and always finish strong”.
Alumni Testimonials
Jason Walkingshaw
2002 Graduate, Heriot Watt University
Southwestern 1999-2007

One thing that I would say is that selling books is not for everybody. I think it would be naïve for people to think that the summer is always going to be smooth sailing. Part of what makes a SW summer so special is that it really is an adventure. It is what you make of it. For some people that is exactly what they are looking for, for others the exact opposite. SW offers you an opportunity and that’s it. An opportunity to learn and develop as a person. As a 19 year old that’s all I wanted. The chance to prove to others but more importantly myself what I was capable of.
Marek Hyl
2008 Graduate, University of Economics, Prague (VSE)
Southwestern 2005-2008

I really enjoyed my time with Southwestern and would highly recommend it to anyone who is not afraid of challenges and wants to develop and improve. It really is something that makes you stand out as I had a chance to find out when I was looking for a job after graduation. I was looking for a job in a very unfriendly environment of a global recession following the financial crisis in the spring of 2009. A lot of my friends had a very tough time finding a job as competition for remaining places was extremely fierce, but I was lucky to get an interview with every company I contacted and was given offeres from almost all of them, including Microsoft, IBM, Ernst & Young Deloitte, KPMG and others. All the interviews were basically me telling the interviewer about my years with Southwestern and they were very impressed, especially by my management experience. To get such a management exposure for a university student is very rare and the best companies value that experience highly.
Mac Anderson
1966 Graduate, Murray State University
Southwestern 1964-1966

Mac Anderson founded both Simple Truths and Successories, leaders in creating products for employee motivation and recognition.
“Southwestern had a dramatic impact on my life. At a young age it helped me to understand that there are no shortcuts. Hard work, discipline, perseverance and maintaining a positive attitude were the trademarks of every successful Southwestern person I knew. Fortunately, many of those qualities stuck with me and played a very instrumental role in my success as an entrepreneur.
I love what I do and feel that it matters, however, I can say with conviction that it would not have happened without the early lessons learned at Southwestern.”
Alumni Testimonials
Jeff Dobyns
1997 Graduate, Ohio University
Southwestern 1994-1997
Jeff is President and founding partner of Southwestern Investment Services, Inc., a Southwestern Company. His leadership has grown Southwestern Investment Services into one of the top-producing branches of Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.
“My Suggestion for any college student today who wants to be an entrepreneur is to get out there and actually spend as much time as possible with people who are running their own business with Southwestern. Everything that being an entrepreneur and running your own business incorporates, such as setting goals, developing your mental game plan and working through the day-to-dy challenges of being an entrepreneur, are realised during the Southwestern experience. You literally can learn more in one summer than you would learn in 2, 3, 4 or 5 with an entry level position.”
Ruth Brougham
2004 Graduate, Newcastle University
Southwestern 2003-2004
Whilst working with Southwestern you take it for granted how much you are learning and how little exposure others get to this sort of commercial environment. It has been so surprising to see how so many people struggle, both junior and senior, with presenting, or speaking in a confident way that makes others believe and ‘buy-in’ to what they are saying. I have met people that in my opinion have managed projects and people well and others that have less well. Those that I consider to have been ‘better’ managers have built good relationships both with their own teams but also with other people that they are working with or managing. They have known when to sit back and listen and when and how to speak at the right time. These are of course key skills that Southwestern teaches.
Justin Heath
2002 Graduate, University of Edinburgh
Southwestern 1999-2008
“If any prospective students or parents have any doubts about the Southwestern experience I hope this summary can help. At university the world is our oyster, we have no real responsibilities and the opportunities are endless. Allow yourself or your child to spread their wings, allow them to fail, allow them to scare themselves and you. Allow themselves ultimately to triumph. It’s only a summer.”
How The Money Works (Example)
Headquartered in Nashville, TN
Student sales and leadership program since 1868
Over 125,000 alumni worldwide
Each year, over 30,000 students are interviewed at nearly 300 universities to select over 2,500 students
Last year, Southwestern's corporation had combined revenues of almost $319 million
Financial Opportunity
Growth Business
*Average profit per month of dealers in N.America that worked over 20 days in 2011
**2nd - 4th years reflect personal profit as well as management pay. None of these figures reflect residual profits
First year average is $2,513/month
Make money according to your results
Four year average is approximately $71,568
Graduate debt free with money in the bank
Make money all year round from your summer career through residual income
*Residual pay continues for as long as dealer qualifies through the Southwestern company. Est. retention rate 80% after year 1.
Management Program
Interview, select and train students to run their own business
Gain management experience while still in school
Additional financial opportunity
The most successful students do at least 2 years
Final Interview / GEC Visa
Pre-Summer Training
10 Day Selection Process
Meet with your Student Manager over a 10-day period for the opportunity to learn about the programme by asking questions, researching company materials and speaking to people who have already taken part. It also gives the student managers the opportunity to learn about your qualities and suitability for the programme.
The final interview is an opportunity for students to sell themselves on why they should be suitable for the programme and what qualities they would bring to a top team. At this stage, a Parent Support Letter and 3 short essays would also be due. If applicants are successful then the student manager would talk them through how to apply for a J1 Work and Travel visa.
Pre-summer training will include one to one meetings with a student manager, weekly team meetings and occasional team building and training events.
Sales School
In Sales Area
Some of the very best training a student can receive. Southwestern teaches the core success principles over a 6-day period that many companies pay thousands of dollars to teach their top employees
After settling in to their sales area, students have the opportunity to shadow student managers throughout the summer to learn how to improve their sales and they also speak with a manager each night. One of the best ways to start the day is with a hearty breakfast with other members of the team each morning with other members of the team throughout the summer
Each Sunday the entire team meet, often with other teams in the area, for some great training in the morning followed by fun and relaxing activities in the afternoon
Delivery week
Management Training
Spend the summer with students from other universities
Live with a host family
Yr 3 - Learn how to lead and develop student managers and run an organisation
Yr 4 - Graduate Programme/SW Family of Companies
Sunday Meetings
As a returning Student Manager, you will be invited to attend further management training throughout the year with some fun and exciting events such as our annual Great Recruiters Seminar, Success Seminar & Leadership Weekend
Checkout is a key part of the summer. Students head back to Nashville where they complete their business records and receive their pay-check for their efforts during the summer. The amount students receive varies depending on how well they look after their money throughout the summer but are often 5 figure sums.
Part of running a business is fulfilling the delivery of the products and delivery week is when all those 'Yeses' throughout the summer come to fruition. It is also the weeks of the summer when students get to visit their customers and show them how to make the most of their new products.
(GRS, Success Seminar, Leadership Weekend)
Awards Evening
Sizzler Trip
After the summer, when everyone has settled back into university life an awards banquet and dinner is held in honor of all students and student managers that took part in the Southwestern programme the previous summer to recognise their efforts. Parents are also invited to see their sons and daughters collect their awards.
Students that excel in the programme have the opportunity to win a trip to an exciting and sunny destination known as 'Sizzler' later in the year to enjoy some winter fun
Study Hard
Be Coachable
"After you have completed multiple summers and built an organisation - 9dots is an example how Southwestern graduates can build very successful business with the skills from the international company."
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