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The Creative Arts and the Common Core

Salem-Keizer School District, March 15th 2013

Gweneth Bruey-Finck

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of The Creative Arts and the Common Core

Feedback on Writing
The Arts
Across the Curriculum
Authentic Literacy and Feedback in the Arts
Creativity Counts!
Michael McMillan, "Paper Airplane"
Your Presenters and Administrators:
Providing feedback on specific objectives can increase student achievement and learning by 23%.
(Marzano, 2001)
The Creative Arts
Barb Narkaus - North Salem
and the Common Core
Today's Objectives:
Gweneth Bruey-Finck
Mark Looney
Literacy Instructional Coach, McKay
Behavior Specialist, McNary
Kelly Carlisle,
Rolland Hayden,
Lisa Mcintyre,
MaryLou Boderman,
I can describe two ways in which colleagues are incorporating writing into their arts curricula.
Tiffany Carstensen - McKay
Mark Kohley, Jennifer Bell - McNary
Next Steps: Reflection
Artists' Statements
Interactive Notebooks
Choose two presentations to attend.
In your table groups, discuss what is working, what you've learned, and what you need regarding literacy instruction.
We will share out at:
Please mark your initial self-assessment on your exit cards.
Please mark your final self-assessment on your exit cards and provide any feedback or comments!
I can explain the components of the summarizing process.
I can describe workload-sensitive feedback strategies for student writing products.
Thank you!
Music Program Specialist
Assistant Principal, Roberts
Assistant Principal, North
Director of High Schools
The Common Core standards for English Language arts advises that the “literacy standards for grade 6 and above are predicated on teachers...using their content area expertise to help students meet the particular challenges of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language in their respective fields.”
"Among the 220 Common Core Standards [K-12], 50 contain at least one direct reference to arts-based learning," including theatre, the visual arts, and music.
But did you know?
"These standards are not intended to replace arts-specific benchmarks."
Common Core State Standards Initiative, 2010a
"Visual literacy is a component of overall literacy, and...responding thoughtfully and critically to a painting, film, or performance hones the same skills of analysis and interpretation that are strengthened by the close reading of a text." (Zuckerman, 2012; Munson, 2012).
"Common Core can potentially provide arts teachers with a common language with which to describe the cognitive skills that they are already addressing and cultivating through rigorous and meaningful arts experiences."
Process versus Product
Do we use the process of summarizing in writing products other than formal summaries?
What are the cognitive skills that comprise the summarizing process?
identify main idea
- Do we have to give feedback on ALL writing?
- How can we give writing feedback to 200+ students
in a timely way?
- What are we already doing that is working?
Use the questions on the exit card to guide and record your observations.
"Artistically literate citizens use a variety of artistic media, symbols, and metaphors to independently create and perform work that expresses/conveys/communicates their own ideas, and are able to respond by analyzing and interpreting the artistic communications of others."
NCCAS Revised Standards, 2012
Feedback Jigsaw
Please take a look at the Feedback handout
(last page)
Each table group:
- will be assigned a feedback strategy.
- will have 5-7 minutes to discuss the following
- What is the strategy?
- What type(s) of fine arts writing products are best
paired with this strategy?
- Why?
- will choose one person to share out to the whole group.
*You may choose to sing, act, or draw your presentation!*
Jim Taylor, Dallas Myers - McNary
Minute-to-Minute Performance Feedback Tools
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