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Community Development Blue Print

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Hilliary Sanders

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of Community Development Blue Print

Individual Blueprint
Get Your Rear in Gear 5K Race
2014 Leadership Mobile President, Riley Copeland - Felder Services

Erica Elia - Roberts Brothers, Inc.

Kim Garrett - Victory Health Partners

Sherri Bumpers - Alabama Media Group

Corporate Blueprint
Roberts Brothers, Inc.
Corporate Blueprint
American Equity Underwriters
AEU is the manager of a marine based workers compensation company with about 70 employees in Mobile.

In 2008, AEU was the first corporate sponsor in this area to work with BBBS in their school based program; since that time, this program has grown to 24 local sponsors.

AEU has as many as 20 volunteer employees in any given school year working with students at Pillans Middle School and BC Rain High School.

Employees are allowed to leave work once a week to work one to one with the student while they are at school.

The program costs the business nothing but a little time; the children get access to caring professionals who help them gain confidence, improve their attitude toward school, and brighten their sense of what the future holds for them.

BBBS and AEU, helping to build successful mentoring relationships, contributing to better schools, brighter futures and stronger communities for all!

Individual Blueprint
Mobilians on Bikes
Mobilians on Bikes (MOB) is a grassroots organization that promotes the utilitarian use of cycling for all Mobilians.

MOB plans organized rides to celebrate active living and community connectivity. They offer a variety of rides appealing to a diverse audience.

The group was formed by Mobile newcomer Niklas Hallberg in the summer of 2010.

MOB has attracted over 1,500 members.

MOB participates in initiative to develop complete streets in Mobile & Baldwin County, promotes active lifestyles & creates an opportunity to better connect to the community.
Our focus is the creation and implementation of Community Engagement Blueprints for individuals, corporations, faith communities and organizations to utilize as they join the efforts to make our community the best it can be.
Community development blueprint
Bill & Cassie Carroll

• Native Mobilians motivated by diagnoses of a colleague to raise support and
awareness for the detection, education and prevention of colon cancer

• Organized and executed the inaugural Get Your Rear in Gear Mobile 5K

• Throughout their efforts, they raised close to $4,000 to support the ministry of
Victory Health Partners

• Plans are already underway to have the Get Your Rear in Gear Mobile 5K an annual

Community Blueprint
The Village of Spring Hill
MISSION “To make The Village of Spring Hill a neighborhood center by improving the pedestrian, aesthetic and commercial amenities of the area.”

To support and promote the development and redevelopmentof the Spring Hill community of Mobile, Alabama.

To seek multiple avenues and resources tosupport the development/redevelopment.

To encourage the development of small business,specialty shops and restaurants to this area.

To enhance the pedestrian friendly and neighborhood oriented atmosphere with better sidewalks, trees and green spaces.

To preserve historic sites in the area.
Public Hearings
Strategic Plans
Faith Community Blueprint
Love Mobile
Love Mobile (#lovmob) is a movement started by Brad Goode, Associate Pastor of Dauphin Way United Methodist Church.

Love Mobile (#lovmob) is about loving others by showing "radical love and grace".

The Premise is to show love with no preconditions or expectations of repayment.

This movement is about changing the narrative by choosing love and responsibility over blame.

Love Mobile recently created a community garden, and performs love at the laundromat activities once per month.
The Community Development team recommends a comprehensive link on the One Mobile website that will assist with the implementation of Community Engagement Blueprints for Individuals, Companies, Faith Communities and Organizations wanting to participate in existing Community Development projects or create their own.
Future Recommendations
Phase 1: Calendar, links to non-profits
with contact information and blueprints.

Phase 2: Community Resource information, submit events option,
non-profit submit option.

Phase 3: City wide map to show location of volunteer opportunities.
The impact of this project will further enhance our ability to create Community Development projects that make our area a better place to live and work. It will enable all citizens to become involved in existing projects or create a specific project for a specific need existing in our community.
Impact Continued
By gathering all of this information and having a common platform to share this information, we can build a stronger community that meets the needs of everyone.

In conclusion, we desire for this project to evolve as we look for different ways to enhance our community through giving back. As we look for ways to build a better One Mobile, this project will provide the tools to do just that.
We would like to give a special thank you to,

Mayor Sandy Stimpson | The City of Mobile | OneMobile.org
We would like to thank Leadership Mobile for this opportunity. Our group used all of our tools shared through out the program and as you can see, WE are one of the BEST!
We are proud to join Partnership with Mayor Sandy Stimpson and OneMobile
"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples"

- Mother Teresa
"Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time.
Vision with action can change the world" - Joel A. Barker
We can give Mobilians a better community in which to live, an improved quality of life, and a more prosperous future, if we use our resources from within, to help those in need and create a ripple effect that will have an everlasting effect in our community.

Starting with case studies to show examples of good work being done in our neighborhoods as we speak. Whether it be a large company, small company, faith based organizations, neighborhood group or individuals.

We propose supporting the Mayor's goal of "One Mobile: by using a link on the existing website to provide an "ease of doing business" for those who have time, resources, and energy to give, to find those in their surrounding communities who have a need.
Leadership Mobile 2014
Sandra Parker - American Equity Underwriters, Inc.

Terrance Smith - Mobile Area Education Foundation

Matthew Capps - Dauphin Island Park and Beach Board

Wayne Goolsby - Lieutenant, Mobile County Sheriff's Office

Niklas Hallberg

Community Blueprint
The Village of Spring Hill

• Roberts Brothers has almost 200 agents and employees and we knew they could all make a difference.

• This program has two goals.

• We put this in place to spread the good news about our schools.

• As Buyers move to Mobile we want them to know what the school system has to offer. We also want our agents to have the knowledge.

• We wanted to partner with a school and make a difference.

• We have had to opportunity to give 4 teachers a classroom donation to make a difference in their class.

• Be creative. We had the teachers write an essay each quarter to help us get to know them.

• We also heard a students need and helped. We heard of a child in need of socks and we collected over 500 pairs.

• We joined the Big Brother Big Sister program and 15 of our agents mentor students at Fonde.

• We want everyone to know you can make a difference no matter what your budget is.
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