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Antoine Lavoisier Presentation

Describes the life of Antoine how he lived and how he became to be a scientist.

Joseph Torres

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Antoine Lavoisier Presentation

What Made Antoine Laurent Lavoisier Famous? By:
Joseph Torres Jose Marti MAST 6-12 Academy
April 2013 Antoine Laurent Lavoiser was born on August 26, 1743. He was a French chemist who discovered many interesting chemicals and proved many scientists wrong. Antoine Lavoisier's Life And died on May, 1794 at age 51 He was an only son of a wealthy Parisian Lawyer and a very rich women . But,his mother died when Antoine was only at age 5 and was raised by his aunt. Antoine Lavoisier studied law, earning a bachelor
degree and a license to be a lawyer in 1764, as his father wished him to do. Antoine married Anne Pierrete Paulze at age 28 who was only 15 in 1771. Education When a new king came into the rule of France he killed anybody who worked for the old system , Antoine was one of them. For example: a person that is in favor of a dictator ( Antoine) ruling over France, then when a new king came in he killed all who was in favor of the old system and Antoine was one of them. Antoine Lavoisier started school at age 11, in school he preffered science especially chemistry. The first college he attended was the Mazarin College. Then he applied to join the academy of Science and was succesfully accepted in May 18, 1768. For writing an essay on improving the lighting of the street lights. Career In his life he discovered oxidation (when oxygen comes in contact with steel it turn into rust). And he also demonstrated how combustion works which is that when any material burn it leave an ash/smoke called phlogiston. He aslo showed that water and oxygen were compund instead of elements which
meant they were made up of more than two atoms. He also kept all of his discoveries in abook called Traite Elemente de chimie. Achievements and Fame What antoine mainly did was name elements as substances, he named 33 elemts as substances.By doing that he ws able to produce better and more efficient gun powder for the French Army. He also expresses his thory that oxygen is the acidying princile ,which means that everything in contact with oxygen wil be changed over time for example: rust is formed when steel is in contact with oxygen and water for a long time. Contributions Lavoisier taught thhe world that water and oxygen were compund and not elements. He also taught how to stop a fire by simply turning off its oxygen supply, like putting your finger over a fire. And he also passed his teaching off permanently with a book called Traite Elemente de Chimie . The book explains all about elemnts and compounds, phlogiston, and his theory f the acidyfying principle.
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