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A quick look at the life of a hedgehog.

Mr T

on 21 October 2009

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Transcript of Hedgehogs

A hedgehog is born in the spring. It is smooth with soft spines under its skin
After a few hours the spines grow through the skin and become hard and spikey.
Their eyes do not open until they are 14 days old.
Hedgehogs are born with their eyes closed. After 11 days it is able to curl up into a ball.
How many babies has this mother hedgehog had?
Hedgehogs need to drink water to keep them healthy.
Hedgehogs like to eat snails.
They also like to eat worms, birds eggs, frogs, caterpillars, slugs and even snakes.
Hedgehogs are very good at swimming.
Hedgehogs will curl up into a ball if they are scared, and also to sleep.
In the autumn they make a nest under leaves and twigs. They do this to keep themselves warm during winter while they hibernate.
Hedgehogs are nocturnal. This means they usually only come out at night.
The enemy of the hedgehog is the fox.
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