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Zoo Trip Project- Zebras

No description

Jessica Skela

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Zoo Trip Project- Zebras

By Jessi Skela Where do zebras live, what do they eat, and what are their predators? What kind of space do zebras need and what do they use it for? What kind of climate do zebras live in and what adaptations do they have to survive in this climate?
What type of shelter do zebras need and do they move in groups? Found in parts of eastern and southern Africa
The zebras that were found at the zoo, Burchell's zebra, are found in a variety of habitats
Shrub and woodland
Zebras need anywhere from 2.5 to 10 square kilometers of space
They need about as much space as a horse so they can:
Find food
Roam around
Generally to feel free Zebras generally live in grasslands or savannas, which are usually very hot climate zones
Zebras have many adaptations, some including:
long legs to run from predators
sharp teeth
generally move in groups, which can help with defense from predators Zoo Trip Project-
Zebra Edition Zebras are herbivores; they eat:
Leaves Lions, hyenas, leopards, and cheetahs all prey on zebras
Zebras don't have much shelter
They find grass and shade to sleep in
They don't build any form of shelter Zebras live in large groups called "harems"
They are social animals
They rely on each other to warn each other of danger
What did you observe about zebras on the zoo trip? I didn't get to see the zebras much, but I noticed they moved in groups
They obviously didn't have groups of 30, but they were never really alone
I also noticed they followed their human leader, which is a learned behavior
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